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Can You Break an Egg With Your Bare Hands?!

First off, sorry for those of you who got a message in code yesterday!  I used a font that apparently was not on speaking terms with Live Journal or the reader or something.  Hopefully it all works now!  Now on to today’s fun….

I learned something nifty from The Little Travelers today.  Their mama says you cannot break an egg with your bare hands!  Apparently it is a lot stronger than we realize and she challenged her kids to just try to squeeze it hard enough to break it.  That sounded like a fun experiment to me!  I hate to take chances with our lovely backyard chicken eggs from the farmers’ market, but she assures me they really will be safe.  It sounds like a fun challenge!  Anybody else up for it?  🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Let your child use washable markers and give you an ankle tattoo.

2.  Go to another town and on the way make up totally different identities for yourselves.  All day, call yourselves by your fake names and play along with your alternate life.  Encourage the kids to really get creative for eavesdroppers.  🙂

3.  Take apart a bunch of old jewelry and try to make a new artistic creation together.

4.  Have dinner with all conversations in pig latin.

5.  Write and mail letters to yourselves.

6.  Build something out of supper!  Create a landscape, for instance, with a big mountain of mashed potatoes surrounded by broccoli forests and a log cabin fish stick house.  Let kids cut yourcreation like a cake and eat their favorite parts.

7.  Learn something together.  Pick a subject– from origami to bird calls– and look it up online, at the library, or ask a friend to teach you.

8.  Browse a site like the Crafty Crow or Dollar Store Crafts (links are on the sidebar) together and pick a project to do as a "Mom and me" craft together.

9.  Play hide and seek.

10. Look for signs.  Tell the kids you’re going to find 10 signs as to what you should do next or to solve a problem.  Assign someone to write them all down.  Then go on a walk and pay attention to accidental letters spelled in the sky by airplanes, birds that caw as you pass, flowers growing in the sidewalk….. At home, randomly open a book and point to see what word your finger lands on.  Have the kids help assign "meanings" to each sign.  Make sure they know it’s all in fun.  Afterwards, talk about how you can find signs to tell you to do anything if you try hard enough.  Encourage them to be as outlandish as possible!


Tomorrow we are going to get Victoria to bring her home from Nebraska.  She’s been gone almost 2 weeks and it’s beginning to feel like she’s off at college!  Hopefully she can handle the mess, noise and chaos of our crazy family after so long with Tiffany and her gang.  Like it or not, I want her back.  🙂

Have a magical week!  Don’t forget to take care of you!


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Budget Robot Maker!

Magical Daddy Daryl found this fun site and the kids have had a great time making robots.

I’d write more, but I have a toddler who just woke up sad and wants Mama.  The experts tell me I should train him not to need love when he wakes up sad at night.  Pah on experts.  🙂

Happy Sunday!

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3 Fun Projects!

Here’s three fun projects I’ve seen lately that I thought were too fun to pass up!

The Spore Project shows how to make these fun paper bag mushrooms…

They’re cute painted too!

Do make sure to read the history page to find out how this all began.  I love the idea of him filling his friends’ lawns with mushrooms and the message about art is such an important one.

Then on This Mama Makes Stuff there’s a brilliant little scrap cloth/paper doll kit.  This would be so simple to make up, put in a pretty box and give as a gift to keep some little designer busy for eons.  Anna and Victoria love fashion design and I bet I could make up a slightly more sophisticated model for them to fashion outfits for.  If boys didn’t like the idea of making girl clothes you could also make up a boy doll or even a robot or superhero.  My Jack is all about robots and superheroes.  🙂

Lastly, One Busy Mama posted about this fabulous monster-making dice game and I absolutely love the idea.

I know my boys would love this one too.  It would help Alex with his counting (I’d help with the drawing) and for Jack it would just be fun.  🙂

Happy Saturday!

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A Magical Childhood is on Facebook!

Daryl set up a fan page for A Magical Childhood on Facebook yesterday.  I’m still new at Facebook and figuring out what I’m doing, but if you’re a member you can search for it or see if this works.  I told you I’m a novice!  🙂

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Sheet Painting!

Here’s what we did around here yesterday.

Here’s what Jack’s legs looked like by the end!

That’s okay!  Children are not dry clean only.  They wash easily!  🙂

It was bittersweet to remember this kid….

Being this kid!

This seems like so many lifetimes ago!

Have you done sheet painting lately?  It’s so easy but here’s some ideas on what we use.



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Water Play!

I love these ideas for water play for small children at Domestically Blissed!  While we still have some summer here, I’d really like to set up a little stream in the side yard with some leftover plastic sheeting we have, the hose and some rocks and boats and fun stuff.  I love the idea of pouring water into the bottles on the clothesline too, and I’d freeze a giant chunk of ice to chip at but my freezer is absolutely stuffed with fruits and veggies from the Farmers’ Market, strawberry picking, our garden and other summer bounties.  🙂

Check out the rest of the blog for lots more interesting and fun stuff too!  

(Gypsy, I left a long and wandering comment about Waldorf & Montessori on your blog last week but for some reason Blogger keeps eating my comments!  It has happened on a half dozen blogs lately and I seem cursed to sending my words out into an abyss when I try to leave a note!  I only seem to be able to comment on blogs that allow me to just put in name & URL, not ones that ask for Open ID or Livejournal information.  In any case, it’s an interesting discussion.  I was a Montessori kid but with my own kids I steal a little from every philosophy and make up our own too.)  🙂


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