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A Little Museum Magic

While we were down in Nebraska last week, we went to a local museum and made it extra magical with some dress up fun. The girls had a blast and they even overheard one excited child whisper, “Look Mommy, there’s princesses in the museum!”.

Here’s a few pics…

From Jamboree
From Jamboree
From Jamboree

It was a wonderful way to make a fun day even more fun. 🙂

Happy Friday!


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Fairy Sightings

We went to a winery this weekend that had a little booth with face paints, fairy wings and other whimsical things.  We struck up a conversation with the wonderful couple who ran the store and delighted in their affordable, fabulous goodies and services.

We left with fairy wings, painted faces, fancy hair clips and lots more.  The kids happily wore their loot for the next couple of days, which led to delighted exclamations from so many people they passed.

The grand tally included…

Fairy wings: $1 each

Face painting: $2 each

Playing tourist fairies in public:  Priceless

Try it!  Deck the kids out in something whimsical (you too, if you dare!) and head out to bring smiles to everybody’s faces — especially yours.  🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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Fashion Choices

One of the things I love about children is their fashion bravery.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as taking a walk with a winged princess, a superhero or a small child wearing 18 separate patterns.

Here’s how my boys dressed for an evening stroll yesterday.

Note:  It was not raining.

I smiled the whole way.

I’m inspired to do a bit more fashion fun myself.  Perhaps sparkles or some crazy hats?  😉

Happy Sunday!


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Wild Things!

Are you a fan of Where the Wild Things Are?  If so, be sure to check out this fun lesson plan to accompany the book, complete with blank mini-books for kids to make up their own wild thing stories and a blank wild thing to print out and decorate to make puppets!  

Why stop there, though?  Let the kids dress up as wild things and perhaps even go on a monster parade.  My little ones used to love to do this.  Maybe it’s time to introduce the little ones here to the fun….    🙂

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Today’s a Good Day to…..

…go on a walk with your favorite super hero, fairy princess…

even the kid who is too old to dress up anymore.  🙂

I ask you, how could anyone not have a good day with companions dressed like this?!


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Make a No-Sew Cape!

Here’s a neat project to make for little ones or to let older kids make on their own.  If you use a material like fleece, there’s no sewing at all.  Wouldn’t this be a sweet addition to the dress-up box? 

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