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Counting Sheep

Happy Thursday!  We interrupt this morning to bring you the following terrible math joke, courtesy of my hubby.

A farmer wants to know how many sheep he has in his field, so he asks his border collie to count them.

The dog runs into the field, counts them and runs back to the farmer.

The farmer says, “How many?”

The dog says, “40.”

The farmer is surprised and says, “How can there be 40 – I only bought 38!”

The dog says, “I rounded them up.”  

🙂  Have a fun day!


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Just for Ewe

You know I love sheep, and I know some of you share my fondness for the wooly critters. Here’s a round-up of fun sheep projects from around the web.  🙂

Sheep crackers

Aren’t these brilliant?  This particular recipe is gluten free but you could also use a traditional cracker recipe or use the same idea for some cookies.

Clay sheep

There are no written instructions to go along with this Tumblr tutorial, but it looks easy enough to follow.  You could also do this with a simple salt dough and then bake and paint it.

Sheep handprint

This is a sweet little kids’ craft that would be easy for even the little ones.

Sheep cupcakes

Not only are these little things darling, but they’re super easy to make too.  Powdered donuts, pretzel sticks and a few other doo-dads are all they take.   I think the cupcake parts are sort of optional too!

More sheep cupcakes

These don’t come with instructions, but they look pretty easy to do.

Edible sheep sculptures

These little cuties are held together with melted white chocolate.

Sheep sandwiches

To balance out the junk food!

Cotton ball sheep

More easy fun.

Also see this old post where I rounded up some other sheep fun.

And in other news… we all piled in to the doctor’s office yesterday for another prenatal visit.  We listened to the baby’s heartbeat and I finally got an ultrasound scheduled.  Hopefully we’ll know in two weeks whether we’re having a boy or a girl.  With two girls and two boys right now, we’re all curious to see who’s going to have the numbers!

Here’s another belly shot by resident photographer Victoria. 


I’m going to be huge by September.  🙂

And with that, I’m off to wrangle my kitchen into some semblance of order. 

Do note that I refrained from a single sheep pun in signing off!  Do you know how hard that was?!  🙂







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Make a Pom Pom Shaun the Sheep!

I love this craft!!!!  You can make these adorable sheep from wool yarn, and even shear them!

You can make a whole little flock for the kids to play with.  You can even make them out of recycled bags.

Head on over to dad can do for all the instructions and printable patterns.

Happy Thursday!


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Fun With Sheep!

Two year-old Alex is very into Shaun the Sheep lately, and all of us love him (and the whole Wallace and Grommit series) too.  Daryl has found some neat sheep-related stuff online to keep him happy and I thought you might like it too!

We have…..

Make your own sheep music

Shaun the Sheep bleatbox….

And click on the related links there for Shaun crafts and clips and more.

Sounds like a baaaaaaall!  😉


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Not a Single Groan?

I can’t believe I didn’t get a single boo out of yesterday’s post title. 

I felt a little sheepish being so silly, but apparently nobody was paying attention.

Come on, folks, that was pretty baaaad!

Harumph.  😉



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A Close Knit Group

We passed this sweet group of sheep friends on our way out of town the other day.  They were huddled so close together they were a solid sheep mass!  It was a sunny, warm day so we weren’t sure why they were so close, but at the end of the day they were just as close in another part of their pasture.

Stick together, folks.  It can be a big, baaad world out there.  😉


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