3 Fun Projects!

Here’s three fun projects I’ve seen lately that I thought were too fun to pass up!

The Spore Project shows how to make these fun paper bag mushrooms…

They’re cute painted too!

Do make sure to read the history page to find out how this all began.  I love the idea of him filling his friends’ lawns with mushrooms and the message about art is such an important one.

Then on This Mama Makes Stuff there’s a brilliant little scrap cloth/paper doll kit.  This would be so simple to make up, put in a pretty box and give as a gift to keep some little designer busy for eons.  Anna and Victoria love fashion design and I bet I could make up a slightly more sophisticated model for them to fashion outfits for.  If boys didn’t like the idea of making girl clothes you could also make up a boy doll or even a robot or superhero.  My Jack is all about robots and superheroes.  🙂

Lastly, One Busy Mama posted about this fabulous monster-making dice game and I absolutely love the idea.

I know my boys would love this one too.  It would help Alex with his counting (I’d help with the drawing) and for Jack it would just be fun.  🙂

Happy Saturday!


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