Water Play!

I love these ideas for water play for small children at Domestically Blissed!  While we still have some summer here, I’d really like to set up a little stream in the side yard with some leftover plastic sheeting we have, the hose and some rocks and boats and fun stuff.  I love the idea of pouring water into the bottles on the clothesline too, and I’d freeze a giant chunk of ice to chip at but my freezer is absolutely stuffed with fruits and veggies from the Farmers’ Market, strawberry picking, our garden and other summer bounties.  🙂

Check out the rest of the blog for lots more interesting and fun stuff too!  

(Gypsy, I left a long and wandering comment about Waldorf & Montessori on your blog last week but for some reason Blogger keeps eating my comments!  It has happened on a half dozen blogs lately and I seem cursed to sending my words out into an abyss when I try to leave a note!  I only seem to be able to comment on blogs that allow me to just put in name & URL, not ones that ask for Open ID or Livejournal information.  In any case, it’s an interesting discussion.  I was a Montessori kid but with my own kids I steal a little from every philosophy and make up our own too.)  🙂



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2 responses to “Water Play!

  1. Anonymous

    Hey I want to hear your thoughts on Waldorf and Montessori too…

  2. Anonymous

    Oh I am so sorry, I will try to ‘loosen up’ my comment settings as I would LOVE to hear from you. I totally missed this link until I went in to check out what you had been up to. Would love to hear your thoughts about being a Montessori kid 🙂

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