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Water Limbo!

Here’s a fun idea I read online a while back and want to try before the end of summer.  Play water limbo!

Have kids play limbo in the backyard, under a stream of water!  It sounds like a marvelous way to get cool on a hot summer day.

They also suggested playing Water Hurdle, where you leap over the stream of water and raise it higher and higher.  Either way, it sounds like a hoot.  🙂

Happy Sunday!

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Water Play!

I love these ideas for water play for small children at Domestically Blissed!  While we still have some summer here, I’d really like to set up a little stream in the side yard with some leftover plastic sheeting we have, the hose and some rocks and boats and fun stuff.  I love the idea of pouring water into the bottles on the clothesline too, and I’d freeze a giant chunk of ice to chip at but my freezer is absolutely stuffed with fruits and veggies from the Farmers’ Market, strawberry picking, our garden and other summer bounties.  🙂

Check out the rest of the blog for lots more interesting and fun stuff too!  

(Gypsy, I left a long and wandering comment about Waldorf & Montessori on your blog last week but for some reason Blogger keeps eating my comments!  It has happened on a half dozen blogs lately and I seem cursed to sending my words out into an abyss when I try to leave a note!  I only seem to be able to comment on blogs that allow me to just put in name & URL, not ones that ask for Open ID or Livejournal information.  In any case, it’s an interesting discussion.  I was a Montessori kid but with my own kids I steal a little from every philosophy and make up our own too.)  🙂


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Bath Time Fun

I love this idea from Little Hands, Big Work!  She froze colored water in muffin tins for the kids to play with in the summer time but then thought of adding them to the bath.  She says her little guys had a blast with the swirling colors and also got to talk about concepts like color mixing and temperatures.  Head on over to this page to read all about it.

Be sure to browse the rest of her blog too.  She has tons of wonderful ideas for "the baby to 5 crowd."

And speaking of babies, it looks like she had one Friday.  Congratulations and I hope all is well.  🙂

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