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Random Animal Cuteness

Some days you just need a little extra cuteness.

Miss Fiona woke me at 5 this morning in a bit of a funk.  She’s not feeling well and is being rather hard to please.

I finally went searching on you-tube for cute animal videos, since those can brighten just about any day.

This one was a hit with both of us.  It was also very good for playing “learn that animal name.”  🙂

I’ll be back soon with some proper posts.

Happy Friday!


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Worry About Yourself!

I saw this adorable video on Technology Rocks. Seriously. and had to share it.  I love this little girl!  🙂Happy Tuesday!

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For Your Viewing Pleasure….

I love this video of six year-old Ethan (who happens to be on the autism spectrum) playing “Piano Man”!  I smile like crazy every time I watch him.

“Sing it together!”  🙂

What a super talented, super awesome kid!


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Say Something Nice

I love this video!  The Say Something Nice Project…

Happy Sunday!

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Starting the Day with a Giggle

Have you seen this video yet?  Even if you have, it’s worth watching again.  The kids and I laughed so hard at this little guy’s expression!  I dare you not to smile when you watch.  🙂

Happy Thursday!


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…And Now for Something Completely Different!

Have you seen Your Morning Adorable yet?  This fun feature highlights a different darling video or photograph each time, from a miniature horse foal playing with a giant ball to baby bunnies twitching their noses while sitting in paper cups to the kitten who hasn’t quite got the hang of playing yet.

What a lovely way to get some grins!  🙂

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Moose Kids Love Sprinklers Too!

Have you seen this adorable video of a mama moose and her twins playing in a family’s sprinkler?  What fun!  🙂


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