Can You Break an Egg With Your Bare Hands?!

First off, sorry for those of you who got a message in code yesterday!  I used a font that apparently was not on speaking terms with Live Journal or the reader or something.  Hopefully it all works now!  Now on to today’s fun….

I learned something nifty from The Little Travelers today.  Their mama says you cannot break an egg with your bare hands!  Apparently it is a lot stronger than we realize and she challenged her kids to just try to squeeze it hard enough to break it.  That sounded like a fun experiment to me!  I hate to take chances with our lovely backyard chicken eggs from the farmers’ market, but she assures me they really will be safe.  It sounds like a fun challenge!  Anybody else up for it?  πŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday!



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4 responses to “Can You Break an Egg With Your Bare Hands?!

  1. This is a fun trick, and yes it works – but for all the mamas out there, or kids who love jewelry – please remember that if you are wearing a ring, the force will be concentrated on that one area and the egg WILL break! This has to be tried with completely bare hands! πŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, yes – I am definately doing this one. Munchkin adores breaking eggs into bowls! I just love reading your blog, I always come away so inspired. Its just a shame that I can’t track you in blogger reader – it doesn’t work for some reason. Gypsy xx

    • Gypsy, I added a feedburner widget yesterday in the hopes that it would help. I know Live Journal is a pain and I will probably switch at some point.
      As for the egg, my Anna managed to break it accidentally with her bare hands quite easily. She hit her knuckles on it and had a giant mess! πŸ™‚ After that I was more careful to repeat to SQUEEZE the egg! But it did lead to a good talk about surface area!

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