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Make Your Own Beautiful, Affordable, Collapsible Dollhouse

Here’s a project I’m absolutely in love with!  Southern Disposition has the plans for an ingenious dollhouse she made from three ring binders, scrapbook paper, magazine pictures and a few found treasures.

It collapses to take up very little space, it’s utterly gorgeous, it’s green, and it’s super affordable.  She estimates she made hers for about $30 but she says you could easily do it for under $10 with a little creativity.

What a sweet holiday gift this would make.  🙂

Head over for all the fabulous information.

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Saltdough Vases and Planters

These are brilliant!

These salt dough vases are built around glass containers from the recycling bin, making them waterproof, completely customizable and virtually free.

And they’re just too cute.  Kids could have a ball doing this!

Head on over to Alpha Mom for the instructions.

Happy Sunday!


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A Sentimental Gift Idea

I read this in the Dollar Stretcher newsletter years ago and it seemed so touching that I kept it. My own parents died years ago so I can’t use this myself but I think it would make a wonderful gift for a mother or father…

"I think this gift is the most treasured one my mother has ever received. Several weeks before Christmas I sent my three brothers 10 blank parchment cards. I asked them each to write out 10 separate fond or special memories they have about our mom. Combined with my own, I then put the 40 cards in an extra large vase tied with a beautiful bow.

My mom didn’t know what to make of the gift at first, but as she started reading the cards she became filled with emotion. Anytime she needs a little reminder as to just how special she is, all she has to do is pull a card out and she knows she is loved."

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Crafty Goodness

Time for more great holiday crafts!

The Crafty Crow has a round-up of some neat Hanukkah crafts here.

Frugal Family Fun has this macho handwarmer to make…

Kids can help make these pretty fabric covered file folders…

I’m also a fan of just letting kids go crazy with Sharpie pens
on stuff like plain mugs, light colored cloth napkins
and anything else that would make a good gift!

And now…
My little guy is wide awake and I need to convince him not to be
so I’m out of here, Chickadees!

Today’s assignment — eat some chocolate! 🙂
Happy Thursday!

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Homemade Present Round-up!

I plan to highlight fun handmade gifts all month here,
both to make with kids and to make for kids.

Here’s a few to start things off!

Here’s a darling little stuffed chipmunk
made from an orphaned glove!

These lovely roses are made from old sweaters.
Wouldn’t they be lovely pins, barrettes or hat embellishments?

What child wouldn’t love this shower curtain play mat?

Kids of all ages could make these personalized travel mugs
with art, photographs, scrapbook supplies and more
from one dollar mugs!

Want to give handmade but made by other hands?
I recently discovered
School at Home Etsians (SHE) and love the idea!
Click here to read more and see some of my favorite items.

I’ll share some of our favorite holiday handmade items this week.
Ours are super easy and super cheap,
two of my favorite words when it comes to crafts. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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3 Fun Projects!

Here’s three fun projects I’ve seen lately that I thought were too fun to pass up!

The Spore Project shows how to make these fun paper bag mushrooms…

They’re cute painted too!

Do make sure to read the history page to find out how this all began.  I love the idea of him filling his friends’ lawns with mushrooms and the message about art is such an important one.

Then on This Mama Makes Stuff there’s a brilliant little scrap cloth/paper doll kit.  This would be so simple to make up, put in a pretty box and give as a gift to keep some little designer busy for eons.  Anna and Victoria love fashion design and I bet I could make up a slightly more sophisticated model for them to fashion outfits for.  If boys didn’t like the idea of making girl clothes you could also make up a boy doll or even a robot or superhero.  My Jack is all about robots and superheroes.  🙂

Lastly, One Busy Mama posted about this fabulous monster-making dice game and I absolutely love the idea.

I know my boys would love this one too.  It would help Alex with his counting (I’d help with the drawing) and for Jack it would just be fun.  🙂

Happy Saturday!

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A New Twist on Recycled Crayons

We’ve been making recycled crayons for years with mini muffin tins (ours is heart shaped) and I’ve seen them made in little candy molds but I had never thought of doing it this way from Danny Seo.  What fun!  They’re so pretty and we have so many cookie cutters in the playdough drawer….  

These would make great gifts, too, either to give children or for them to make up for friends or younger family members.

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