10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Let your child use washable markers and give you an ankle tattoo.

2.  Go to another town and on the way make up totally different identities for yourselves.  All day, call yourselves by your fake names and play along with your alternate life.  Encourage the kids to really get creative for eavesdroppers.  🙂

3.  Take apart a bunch of old jewelry and try to make a new artistic creation together.

4.  Have dinner with all conversations in pig latin.

5.  Write and mail letters to yourselves.

6.  Build something out of supper!  Create a landscape, for instance, with a big mountain of mashed potatoes surrounded by broccoli forests and a log cabin fish stick house.  Let kids cut yourcreation like a cake and eat their favorite parts.

7.  Learn something together.  Pick a subject– from origami to bird calls– and look it up online, at the library, or ask a friend to teach you.

8.  Browse a site like the Crafty Crow or Dollar Store Crafts (links are on the sidebar) together and pick a project to do as a "Mom and me" craft together.

9.  Play hide and seek.

10. Look for signs.  Tell the kids you’re going to find 10 signs as to what you should do next or to solve a problem.  Assign someone to write them all down.  Then go on a walk and pay attention to accidental letters spelled in the sky by airplanes, birds that caw as you pass, flowers growing in the sidewalk….. At home, randomly open a book and point to see what word your finger lands on.  Have the kids help assign "meanings" to each sign.  Make sure they know it’s all in fun.  Afterwards, talk about how you can find signs to tell you to do anything if you try hard enough.  Encourage them to be as outlandish as possible!


Tomorrow we are going to get Victoria to bring her home from Nebraska.  She’s been gone almost 2 weeks and it’s beginning to feel like she’s off at college!  Hopefully she can handle the mess, noise and chaos of our crazy family after so long with Tiffany and her gang.  Like it or not, I want her back.  🙂

Have a magical week!  Don’t forget to take care of you!



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7 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Wonderful Iieas but did you mean them to be in code?
    I had to copy and paste them and then change the font to read.
    I suspect it was just a font my computer couldn’t handle but, you know, it makes a nice simple code.
    I wonder what it could be used for…

  2. Anonymous

    10 ways in “secret code”
    I tried to read it thru the feed and it’s still not showing up correctly there. (4:26pm)Clicked on comments to let you know and it takes me to your actual blog page and it’s fine there.

  3. Anonymous

    hide & sneak
    My almost-3-year-old loves playing hide & seek (or “hide and sneak,” as she calls it). 🙂

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