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No Scowling!

I love this picture that Victoria took!

She calls it “No Scowling” even though it was really meant as a notice about not skateboarding.

photo by Victoria Bayer

I think I may print it and frame it as a little reminder for all of us!   🙂



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Starting the Day with a Giggle

Have you seen this video yet?  Even if you have, it’s worth watching again.  The kids and I laughed so hard at this little guy’s expression!  I dare you not to smile when you watch.  🙂

Happy Thursday!


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Knock, Knock….

Knock, Knock…

Who’s there?

Wanda Witch

Wanda Witch who?


Wanda Witch you a Happy Halloween!

(Happy pumpkin by Victoria)

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Hey You Guys!

Yesterday, we were driving down the street when I was struck by a feeling of gratefulness and happiness about my crazy family.  I tilted my head towards the back of the van and shouted, “I love you guys!”.

There were some assorted “Love you too, Mom” replies from the back but 3 year-old Alex was silent.  I turned around and saw him scanning the streets outside, looking confused.

He finally piped up and said, “Where are the guys, Mommy?”.

Snort!  🙂

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Crazy Hat Girl

Victoria has been in the Wilder Pageant for 6 years now.  Every summer, she dresses up in an old fashioned dress, pinafore, braids and bonnet, and helps reenact life from the time when the Ingalls Family lived nearby.

Until this year.

This year, she is wearing an old fashioned dress, pinafore, braids and… this hat.

She wasn’t supposed to.  Her dad brought it as a possible costume change since he plays two characters, and she seized it and wore it for fun during dress rehearsal.  The director told her to go ahead and wear it, much to her delight.

This came as a surprise to many of the other bonnet-clad girls, who repeatedly asked her if she was really going to wear that hat.  She would tell them yes, sometimes they’d give her a look, and that would be the end of it.

Except for one girl.  This girl (whom I’ll call Pageant Girl) just could not get over the fact that Victoria was really, truly going to wear that hat in the Wilder Pageant.  She asked Victoria about it repeatedly.

The conversations went like this…

Pageant girl:  You’re not really gonna wear that hat, are you?

Victoria:  Yes

Pageant girl:  But you can’t wear that hat!

Victoria:  But the director said I could.

and later…

Pageant girl:  You’re not really wearing that hat though, are you?

Then the next day, after the first performance, when Victoria did in fact wear the hat…

Pageant girl:  Why are you wearing that hat?

Victoria:  Because the director told me to.

and later…

Pageant girl:  Why are you wearing that hat?

Victoria:  Because I want to.

and later…

Pageant girl:  Why are you wearing that hat?

Victoria:  Because it’s so awesome.

Pageant girl:  But it’s not awesome!  It’s weird!  And it doesn’t look good on you!

Victoria says, “We were next to The Bench of Teenagers and they all stood up and said things like It’s okay and It’s a cool hat and Hey, she looks fine.”

But still, later on…

Pageant girl:  That hat looks so weird.

Victoria:  Thanks.

Pageant girl:  I feel sorry for you, because there’s no way I’d wear that hat!

Victoria:  (Jumping onto a bench)  I feel sorry for you because you’re not daring enough to!

I have grown to love that crazy hat — and my kid for wearing it.  🙂


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Favorite Quotes

"It’s made by gorillas.  That’s why it’s called a gorilla cheese sandwich!"

    (Victoria at age 3 1/2)

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This, that and the other

Cooking for vegetarians or kids with allergies? 
Here are some sites with recipes to make sure nobody is deprived of goodies!

Vegan holiday cookie recipes
(vegetarian with no eggs or dairy)
allrecipe.com’s gluten free recipes

I love this wine wrap made from the sleeve of a recycled sweater!
I even think I could handle the sewing part.
It makes me wish I gave wine to people as presents.  😉

And if you have boys, you might relate to this.
(Thanks Claire)

For some reason all of my formatting is disappearing
and running my lines together
but I have a sick little guy, so I’m off to snuggle him.
Happy Saturday!

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Halloween Humor

Victoria wants you to know she was attacked by a bull.

That’s right… She was gourd.

(I know!  I know!  Blame her father for her humor!)



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The Laughing Baby

Have you seen this little guy yet?  Even if you have, he’s worth seeing again!  My speakers don’t work but even without sound this video makes me grin like an idiot.  What a wonderful, happy spirit he has!!!!  🙂



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