Note to Self

Goals for the week….

  • Make fruit juice sorbets
  • Play cards
  • Do watercolor painting
  • Go camping
  • Take more walks
  • Make a list of Alex’s words
  • Be more patient
  • Play Hyper-Dash in the back yard
  • Invent a craft
  • Read more books to the boys
  • Start a new family read-aloud novel
  • Finally watch that movie together
  • Laugh more
  • Donate more stuff
  • Remember our vitamins

If all else fails…

  • Hug more
  • Be silly
  • Model love & kindness
  • Eat lots of dessert  🙂


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One response to “Note to Self

  1. Anonymous

    Note to self
    What a great to-do list for the day … we all should have more magical stuff on our lists .. and more realistic expectations of ourselves.

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