Tie Dye with Tissue Paper!

Now this is my kind of craft!  It’s cheap, it’s kid friendly, it’s easy and the results are gorgeous!  I can’t wait to try this fabulous idea from Dollar Store Crafts.

In light of the fact that she said the original squirting (with a squirt gun, even more fun for kiddos!) didn’t have an effect, I’d go ahead and douse it with vinegar right off the bat.  I wonder if I could trust the kids not to accidentally spray a sibling in the eye with vinegar?  Probably not!  I’ll have to brainstorm on that one.  🙂

One of the commenters also recommended trying crepe paper streamers for this.  I think I may have some in the pantry and I know I have tissue paper…. We’re always low on any white clothes around here though because we tend to use those for art projects.  White shirts are doomed at our house!

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Anybody want to join us?

Happy Tuesday!



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2 responses to “Tie Dye with Tissue Paper!

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great idea!
    I’ve been looking for a kid friendly tie-dye project all summer (sounds like Kool-Aid needs to be done on wool or silk). We will definitely be giving this one a try. And, thanks for the link to the nifty dollar craft site – so many fun ideas.
    Almost Unschoolers

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for linking! Let me know if the crepe paper works (or how your methods changed/worked better). Hope you have fun!
    –Heather (dollarstorecrafts.com)

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