Update: Puffy Paint in a Regular Oven

I posted about our puffy paint craft yesterday and several folks asked here and on Facebook if it could be done in a regular oven.

I looked online and couldn’t find anybody who knew if it could be done without a microwave, so we did a little experiment ourselves this morning.

The answer — yes!

We had some leftover puffy paint mixed up from last night and I put some dabs on a scrap of cardboard.  I put it in the oven at 350 for about 3 minutes. 

The paint puffed up and hardened pretty much the same way that it did in the microwave.

The paint also got a little bit darker than it was originally (the microwaved stuff seemed to retain its original colors).

WARNING:  The cardboard got quite hot after only 3 minutes.  Please watch very closely if you do this in an oven!

Our puffy paint was rather thick since it was leftover from last night (Alex had some fun squirting water in it so it then so it didn’t all dry out overnight).  Thinner paint might need another couple of minutes in the oven.

Be sure an adult does this portion of the craft.

Someone else asked about whether this would work drying out in the sun.  We don’t have much for sun today so I’ll leave that for someone else to experiment with.  🙂


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4 responses to “Update: Puffy Paint in a Regular Oven

  1. Kristine

    I think a hairdryer would probably work really well too! We played with puffy paint this morning – which a bunch of kids on the street too – very fun!!

  2. Lisa

    Hi there; we used our puffy paints this morning. Then left them out in the HOT Thailand sun for a few hours while I forgot about them. Just checked them – voila – they’re great, and super dry!

  3. Thanks for sharing the puffy paint recipe. We’ve done this four days in a row! Sun-drying works as a fun textured paint, but the colors lighten and it does not actively puff up. The oven-method worked great for us.

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