Fashion Choices

One of the things I love about children is their fashion bravery.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as taking a walk with a winged princess, a superhero or a small child wearing 18 separate patterns.

Here’s how my boys dressed for an evening stroll yesterday.

Note:  It was not raining.

I smiled the whole way.

I’m inspired to do a bit more fashion fun myself.  Perhaps sparkles or some crazy hats?  😉

Happy Sunday!



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7 responses to “Fashion Choices

  1. Christine

    thank you for this post. i love allowing my 5 year old to bike ride in the craziest of outfits. I wish I had the innocence he had to do the same sometimes. Thank you so much.

  2. liz

    love this! so… so… YOU! its great to see your sons growing to be as whimsical and joy-giving as you.

  3. katherinemarie

    I agree with LIZ— your boys are so much like mama—- COLORFUL-AMAZING-CREATIVE!!! I adore their outfits choices!

  4. sarah

    This is too funny!! My son’s preschool graduation is today and he wanted to get a new outfit so he could be “like a grownup” I took him to good ole Kmart and found a pair of dress pants, a button down shirt, a vest and a tie for under $21!! However, he wants to wear his flip flops, and I, much to my mother’s chagrin, am letting him!! People always stare at us because I always let the kids choose their own clothes, but I like the way the look!!

    • Magical Childhood

      Oh it sounds like such an adorable outfit! The flip flops will make it fabulous! Huge grins here. 🙂

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