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Fairy and Elf Doors!

We’re a big fan of fairy doors and gnome doors here at our house.  We have a gnome door in one of our trees out front and have made salt dough fairy doors inside in past years (click here to see how we did it).

Tonight, I stumbled on some more wonderful ways to make fairy doors (or elf doors or goblin weapons closets or whatever your children want to deem them!).

Here’s a few…..  Click on the links for lots more photos and directions.

Knickertwist posted all sorts of fabulous inspirational photos on Craftster I think it’s brilliant to use popsicle sticks for the doors, and now we have a new reason to start stockpiling them.

And just look at the tiny laundry hanging nearby!

Artful Kid posted this adorable twig fairy door to Flickr.

Kaboodle featured this darling door that was offered for sale on Etsy.

And Roots Nursery really went to town making fairy doors after getting inspired by others online.

This would make a fantastic rainy day project with the kiddos and I think we’ll try our hands and making some more sometime soon.

Remember not to focus on making perfect little pretty projects.  For kids, the magic is in the making of them, especially when we share their enthusiasm and join in the fun.  And fairies are marvelously unconcerned about perfection.  😉

Happy Weekend, Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Everything Else!



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Fairy Sightings

We went to a winery this weekend that had a little booth with face paints, fairy wings and other whimsical things.  We struck up a conversation with the wonderful couple who ran the store and delighted in their affordable, fabulous goodies and services.

We left with fairy wings, painted faces, fancy hair clips and lots more.  The kids happily wore their loot for the next couple of days, which led to delighted exclamations from so many people they passed.

The grand tally included…

Fairy wings: $1 each

Face painting: $2 each

Playing tourist fairies in public:  Priceless

Try it!  Deck the kids out in something whimsical (you too, if you dare!) and head out to bring smiles to everybody’s faces — especially yours.  🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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Play Trees!

I have heard of training apple trees against walls to make beautiful patterns but I had never heard of this sort of tree manipulation until now.  Check out this plan for a living playground made from living trees!

Apparently it’s fairly common to tie young trees into knots and such to make interesting shapes years later.  One man dedicated much of his life to making all sorts of fantastic tree furniture and sculptures and there’s even an amusement park full of his trees that he started out in California.

Now researchers from Tel Aviv University and the company Plantware are partnering up to grow structures from trees on a commercial scale –  including bus shelters, playgrounds, and even houses.

It sounds so whimsical and fun, but like it would requires SO much patience!

If you want to find out more and see lots of links with other examples, click here.

I’m thinking we’ll have to take a look at some of the little lilac and maple volunteers in the back yard and see if we can make them a little more interesting…

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Fairies Seem to Love Michigan

I’ve wanted to visit Ann Arbor for years because of the fairy doors all over the city, but now I’ve found out that Northville (also in Michigan) hosts lots of fairy doors too!

Take a look at some of these darling little entryways.  I think it must be at least a tiny bit magical to live in a city that has tiny little bits of whimsy scattered so nicely through itself!

Does your city have any fairy doors?  Does your house?  We have a little gnome door on an outside tree and we made salt dough fairy doors last year for inside.

I am now inspired all over again.  Maybe we’ll have to make more!

If you want to see more of Ann Arbor’s fairy doors for inspiration (or to go visit!), here’s a site with pictures and a map.  You can even see inside some!

Happy Tuesday!


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