Water Limbo!

Here’s a fun idea I read online a while back and want to try before the end of summer.  Play water limbo!

Have kids play limbo in the backyard, under a stream of water!  It sounds like a marvelous way to get cool on a hot summer day.

They also suggested playing Water Hurdle, where you leap over the stream of water and raise it higher and higher.  Either way, it sounds like a hoot.  🙂

Happy Sunday!

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  1. shera

    Super cool idea; here’s another, water pinata, fill different size/shape/color shaped balloons with water and hang on a string, have children hit at it with stick. Also, a water tug-of-war, have water guns to spray (empty) bucket (or other hanging object) hanging on line to one side or other for a winning team.

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