Making Hospital Stays a Little Easier (Part Two)

Thanks to Candy for writing in with more ideas about ways to pass the time when little ones are in the hospital or home sick.  She shared:

My 4yo nephew just spent some time in a double hip spica cast and one thing that helped him was putting his favorite doll in similar bandages (iv bandaids, cast, ect.) and give him a little doctor kit. That way he could care for someone and feel in control for a change. Another thing are those little travel watercolor kits that are made for adults with a water brush (a brush that has the water right in the barrel, no need for messy spillable cups). The pigments are bright and satisfying and the cleanup is perfect for a hospital setting.

Great ideas!  We have some of those watercolor pen brushes and they would be perfect.  I also love the idea of giving kids their own little patients to care for.  Thanks Candy!  I hope your nephew is doing much better too.


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2 responses to “Making Hospital Stays a Little Easier (Part Two)

  1. Yes, I heartily agree with the doll-in-a-cast idea!
    When my son was 3 he had a broken pinkie that required stitches, splints, bandages, gauze, the stitches being removed, and hand therapy including hot pads, exercises, and a special splint that he had to wear for half an hour at a time.
    We kept his favorite doll involved in the whole process – including having stitches put in, and removed, by my son many times before he had his own stitches taken out. It made the whole process a lot less scary! Later on we made mini hot pads and a mini special splint for the doll too.

  2. Anonymous

    My nephew is doing much better now. He is out of the cast and the brace that followed and diving into summer with his restructured hip (born without a complete hip socket). Kids are amazing creatures and will smile and play through things that adults could hardly tolerate. Sending my best to everyone with kids needing hospital care.
    – Candy

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