March 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

The March 2020 issue of Wild Kids Magazine is up!

For those who are new to the magazine, Wild Kids is a free monthly printable nature-based magazine that I publish as a nonprofit way to put some more good in the world.  Each issue includes ways to learn and play in nature that month, foraging information, a weather tree to track the month’s weather, nature study pages and seasonal poems and activities.  This year, I’m including vintage nature-themed cards each month, too (so far we’ve had butterfly fairies, birds and trees).

You can check out the March issue here.

Have fun!


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2 responses to “March 2020 Wild Kids Magazine

  1. Hi there, I am trying to subscribe to Wild Kids but the link in your confirmation email doesn’t work. Please do add me to the list, it’s a great magazine! Thanks, Susannah

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    • Click the link again and see if it works now. Occasionally, I get messages from people who say it’s not working but when I click on the link they quote, it shows “subscription confirmed” on my end. Otherwise, if you can reply to the message you got, I think that goes to me and I can click it. HTH!

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