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Parenting and Puddle Jumping

“I love my daughter’s fierce, irrational puddle jumping. Every day she teaches me a little more about being authentically alive. Sometimes it means hurrying us along before the rain starts, sometimes it means hurling our favorite shiny, black shoes in the grass and returning to the puddle for another round.”

Here, go visit Eros-Allegra Clarke to read the rest of this lovely post!

My own little puddle jumper (or one of them!)…

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A Door to Anywhere

Daryl has been on the lookout for an old fashioned screen door for a play he’s putting on in September.  Last week, he spotted one by the street for trash pick-up and snagged it.  When he got it home, he realized it seemed to be made for very tiny people (!) and would not work at all.

A door made for very tiny people?  I immediately seized on it and asked Daryl to hang it up for us.

Three hinges and ten minutes later, we had a door to nowhere.  Or the back yard.  Or anywhere.

Daryl added a hook and eye screw so the door can be fastened against the garage when out of use.

We discovered that it made a perfect stage for puppet shows!

Or just make believe.  🙂

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that often the most magical things are things that other people would consider rubbish.  Whether it’s scrap wood painted bright colors and used as giant outdoor building blocks or old doors that lead to nowhere, there’s often pretty nifty stuff out there waiting to be imagined — for free!   🙂


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When my girls were little, I sometimes came up with creative ways to occupy them when I was sick.  Between problem pregnancies and long-term illnesses, I spent a lot of time on the couch with little girls who were not the type to sit still and watch Sesame Street.

One of the ways I used to occupy them was to let them draw on the bottoms of my feet.  I’d give Victoria washable markers and she’d doodle halfway up my leg while I got to rest and not fall down or throw up for a little while.

(I still remember how idiotic I felt at the prenatal appointment when I stripped down and then realized I was decorated up to my knees in toddler art and had forgotten to wash it off!)

I still use the busywork trick.

Tuesday night, I really wanted to watch a television show.  My boys were bored so I sat Alex at the top of the couch with me and 25 Matchbox cars and Jack at the end of the couch with washable markers.

For a good twenty minutes, I lined up fire trucks and convertibles with one little boy while another enthusiastically decorated me.

On my right foot was a series of… well, I have no idea, but upside down they look a bit like a weird smiley face.  And on the left… I was orange.  Jack decided he wanted to make me an alien.

It worked.  I watched my show, the boys played and were happy (before moving on to the next busywork — even doing graffiti on Mom only works so long), and I’m pretty sure most of it was non-toxic.

And then today… I kept meaning to take a bath or jump in the shower but one thing after another happened.  And so I took a walk around the neighborhood with two little boys and decorated feet.  I drove to the lawnmower repair shop and rode along to the car repair shop to see about air conditioning.  I gardened and chased the kids outside.  I said “hi” to the passing teenagers.

All with these feet.

(Blue toenails courtesy of Annalee, who offered me a free spa treatment and pedicure the same night.)

My left foot kept scaring me throughout the day.  I’d forget about it all and then catch sight of that and think I’d missed some sort of terrible accident.

Even after I finally got that bath, my left foot is still pale orange.  And the brown heart appears to be permanent.  I’m surprisingly unconcerned, though.  It kind of makes me smile.

I can’t imagine what our townspeople must think of me.  🙂


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It’s that time of year again…

When we go from this:

to this:

Yay for (almost) spring!


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The Duck Song

Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up.  Here’s a video that our family plays all the time when we need to entertain 2-year-old Alex or just get a smile. 

The girls and I even sing it while making supper.

It grows on you! 🙂

There’s also a sequel…

And a third!

Waddle, waddle…….


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One for the Little Ones

We all have one of those sites where we can waste a lot of time.  For some of us, it’s Facebook games, for some it’s blogs, for some it’s gossip sites.  Here’s a site for toddlers to sit and play.  Based on the show BoohBah (is that even still on???), this colorful site takes your little one to all different pages depending on the clicks.  We particularly liked catching the apples here!

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Snow Painting

Since we have plenty of the white stuff outside and our fun plans for the day were canceled, I figured today was a perfect day for snow painting.  It was!  Those of us brave enough to venture into the cold left messages and designs for passers-by, and then we brought tubs inside to play with.

This kept all four kids happy and two year-old Alex happily played at the table with his snow for over an hour.  We had to keep refilling it, but lucky for us there’s always plenty more.  😉

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Life Lessons

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to argue with a toddler.

Sometimes you can try to tell your little one something as patiently as possible,

like it’s not going to work to eat your yogurt with that giant spoon with the holes in it honey,

it’s just not going to fit.

But they just get mad at you and think you’re terribly unfair.

So the only thing to do

is to let them learn for themselves.

And then take pictures.  😉


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A Few Good Links

I have a date with a hubby, a bowl of ice cream and a show on tape so I’ll be quick!  Here’s a few fun things around the net that we’ve done or mean to do soon!

Made overnight french toast with strawberries and bananas

Doing super simple activities for lazy days (you all know simple is my favorite word!)

(Although this would require a much cleaner floor than I presently have!)

Making Valentines Day paper mache boxes

Talking about chores for toddlers and preschoolers

Making Chinese New Year crafts

And now, chocolate chip cookie dough awaits me!

Please do something fabulously wonderful for yourself in my honor.  You deserve it!

Happy Thursday!

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Five Fun Links

Here’s five fun things we’ve done or want to do soon!

1.  This fun alien laundry hamper…

2.  Deviled eggboats

3.  Ice cube tray color mixing

4.  Recycled promotional magnets as fridge art from Creative Jewish Mom

5.  These sweet “why I love you” Valentine pillows (or my lazy version!)…

What has inspired you lately?

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