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Peace (with or without quiet!)

“Peace does not mean to be in a place
where there is no noise,
trouble, or hard work.
Peace means to be in the midst of all those things
and still be calm in your heart.”

~Marcel Morin

I love this picture I took last month at Magical Mama Tiffany’s house.  She was hosting an extra wacky mama (that would be me!), a baby and an extra boy for a week, along with her own (growing!!!) family.  She even had a couple of crazy birds on her shoulder who are fond of whistling “If you’re happy and you know it” and then pecking people in the head!  🙂 

Next time things are really zany at your house, do me a favor and picture a wacky bird or two on your shoulder, thank your lucky stars for people to fill your house with noise, and laugh.  It gets me through an awful lot of crazy days! 

Happy weekend!

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Surviving Alex

Last week, we stopped in front of the town drugstore to peek at a sidewalk sale going on.  I saw a delightfully whimsical watermelon serving dish with a leaf-handled spreading knife and checked the tag — on clearance for $4.99.  I have no use for watermelon serving dishes but I loved the look of it.

Daryl could tell and he bought it for me.

I was in love with it.  So in love with it, as a matter of fact, that I had him drive back home to drop it off before we left for grocery shopping, lest it get broken during the day’s trek.

At the grocery store, I indulged in spreads and cheeses and organic crackers to make a lovely appetizer feast for us to christen the watermelon bowls with.  I picked out a mascarpone cheese to mix with real maple syrup for one bowl, planned dips and spreads for the others.

All week I have protected my dish.  I am not a fan of putting things away to use “someday” and I know the risks I take in using things with four children in the house.  I happily put my colorful treasure out, but watched it like a hawk.

All of the children watched out for it.  They knew how special it was to me and they treated it with extra care.

Except one.  Of course.  Three year-old Alex has no concept of words like breakable, no matter how many times he has real world experience with it — and he has a lot.

And of course, you know what’s coming.  He broke it, tonight, while my girls were helping to decorate for a friend’s wedding reception and the boys were playing playdough at the table.

He didn’t just accidentally knock it off the table or anything innocent like that.  He put his playdough in it and stabbed it repeatedly with its own little leaf-handled spreading knife, while I was in the next room.  The sound registered too late.

So much for whimsical watermelon serving dishes.

He apologized a lot.  I know he’s sorry.  We cleaned it up.

The children were all very upset on my behalf.  They gave me hugs.  They offered to glue it.  They glared at Alex.

I have learned so much from parenting each of my children.  We tend to learn the most from the hardest times.  And there are some times that don’t teach us anything new and we just have to get through.

I usually try to find some lesson in the times that make me craziest.  I look for bright sides and deeper meanings.  I put a spin on it. I come to deep realizations.  Yadda yadda.

Tonight there was no deep message.  This child tires me out.  He is more exhausting than any child I’ve met, and I’ve met a lot of them.  Heck, I’ve had a lot of them!  😉

Sometimes you just have to hang on till bedtime.

Someday I’ll have a quiet house and I can fill it with watermelon serving dishes.  Alex owes me one.

In the meantime, at least I have a leafy spreading knife.


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It Must be Something in the Eggnog…

Some of my favorite mama friends are so stressed right now.
Kids are being hyper or angry or weepy.
Tempers are short
and it just doesn’t feel very magical.

Please please please
take it easy on yourself.

The holidays are about good stuff, remember?

Take a breath, take a bath, say no to something
and focus on the good stuff.
There is good stuff right now —
you just have to slow down and see it.

You are good stuff.
You are a fabulous, loving, giving mama
who is doing a good job.
The kids will get better.
Give them some hugs.
Snuggle up and slow down and be sweet
and they’ll come back to normal.

And in the meantime,
here’s ways to take care of you.
There’s three pages of them.
Do lots.

Happy Friday.

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