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Homemade Rubber Stamp Ink

Magical mama Susan shared this great craft recipe many moons ago…

Powdered Clothes Dye (any color) like Rit ( I used tempura powdered paint )
1/4 Teaspoon rubbing Alcohol
5 Tablespoons Glycerin

Mix dye with alcohol to the consistency of thin cream. Add glycerin. Stir until well blended. This makes enough to replenish a stamp pad several times. Pour ink over stamp pad. I made a stamp pad with a sponge and a plastic container.

Cut shapes with potatoes and the kids stamp away.

Notes from Alicia:
You can get glycerine in the pharmacy section of most stores.
You can often find dye packages at thrift stores and garage sales.
I’m not sure how much of the dye you use.  I’m assuming a small amount, since you add it to the alcohol and it’s a tiny bit of alcohol.  One package of dye would last for eons in that case!
Thanks again, Susan!

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