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A New Year’s Eve Printable

Here’s a sweet little printable to help the kiddos remember the good and plan for 2012…

Head on over to thirty handmade days to snag it!



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Coloring Fun (Even for the Big People!)

I happened upon this delightful free coloring page (art really!) at Beauty that Moves and instantly fell in love with it.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Head over for your free download to do one with your kiddos (or yourself!).

Happy Wednesday!


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Veggie Match Cards, Mama Mojo and Perfume From Flowers

Katherine Marie Photography has the most adorable little veggie cards for you to print out and use for games like Concentration or Go Fish!  Click here to get your set.

In other news…

Nine ways to get your mama mojo back

and Making flowers into perfume

Happy Tuesday!


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Free Printable Model Motorcycles, Macaws & More

Yamaha has the most amazing models available free for download!  You can find everything from motorcycles to Japanese animals that you can print on heavy paper, cut out and assemble with the kids.  Some of these are really intricate and amazing.  These would be great fun for motorcycle loving daddies (or mamas!) to put together with the kiddos.

The site also gives lots of information about the animals and other models.

Cool stuff!


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Thanksgiving Table Printables!

Here’s some fun printables to keep your favorite little people
busy this Thanksgiving!

Click here for the fun.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a small boy
who napped too late and woke at entirely the wrong time
who’s planning on hanging out with me
till the wee, wee hours
so I guess I’d better find some munchies!

Happy Thursday!

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Print a 3-D Merlin’s Castle!

Here’s a fun rainy day project.
Make a paper castle
complete with towers, a drawbridge, horsemen, Merlin and Morgana!

The author recommends printing on cardstock (especially colored)
to make them nicer and sturdier.

Elsewhere on the site you can download dragons, griffins, mermaids and more!

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Bowling with Bunnies!

I love this whimsical little idea!   Print out the cardboard bunnies and cabbages, add a marble to make each bunny roll, and bowl!  The Toymaker offers the printout and TONS more wonderful stuff.  What fun!

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