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The Puddle Stomping Personality Test

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a store full of very breakable objects with a small boy.

Being a sensible sort, I left my friends and older kids to continue browsing and took my small boy outside.

We looked for things to do while the others smelled every scented candle in Lincoln, Nebraska.  This included running games…

thinking games…

and eventually led to…


Now, I knew puddle stomping would not be a particularly good idea on that particular day.

It was COLD out.  They were big puddles.  We didn’t have extra shoes, socks or pants.  Alex would get cold.

And he’d also get happy.

Life is short.

I let him stomp.

And stomp.

And stomp.

While Alex stomped, I noticed the reactions of people passing by.  There were three types:

1.  Those who were delighted at the sight and broke into big grins.

2.  Those who looked horrified, no doubt thinking how cold and wet he was going to be soon or what a mess he was making of himself.

3.  Those who were so busy they didn’t notice at all.

It was very interesting watching their faces!  Many of the second group looked around to spot me, no doubt thinking that I must not have noticed what he was up to.  I swear they wanted to yell at him themselves!

I loved watching the first group, and just felt a little sorry for the last group.  But mostly I just loved watching Alex in his absolute delight.

And I also knew that he was going to be wet and cold when he was finished, and we had a lot left to do in the day and no warm clothes.

Some parents would take this opportunity to teach him about “natural consequences” and let him be wet and cold and miserable for the rest of the day.  I’m not that sort of parent.  I didn’t want his fun to be at a price learned at the tender age of three about the steep price of having fun, mister.

The nice thing about outdoor malls is that there are lots of stores!  And while we get most of our clothes from thrift stores and garage sales, I know my way around a Gap well enough to know that there’s almost always something on clearance.

So when our friends were finished, we made a quick stop for a rather darling, warm pair of striped pants at the unbeatable price of $2.99 and he was nearly good as new.

(Okay, he went bare footed for a while and I carried his shoes.  Shoes were a lot more than 2.99!)

I love those pants now.  They remind me of a joyful afternoon and the sort of mama I strive to be.  And the sort of passer-by.  🙂


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Happiness is…

… Barrel rides

… Fresh pressed apple cider

… Making scarecrows

… Getting to help drive the horses

… Making gravel angels  🙂

… Face painting (what IS that???!)

… Doing art

… Embracing chaos

… Good friends

What’s making you happy lately?


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A Little Museum Magic

While we were down in Nebraska last week, we went to a local museum and made it extra magical with some dress up fun. The girls had a blast and they even overheard one excited child whisper, “Look Mommy, there’s princesses in the museum!”.

Here’s a few pics…

From Jamboree
From Jamboree
From Jamboree

It was a wonderful way to make a fun day even more fun. 🙂

Happy Friday!

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Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  Here’s a few ways to have a bit of fun with your sweeties this week….

1.  Take some stale bread and feed the ducks, seagulls, pigeons or whatever feathered creatures you have in your neighborhood.

2.  Tour someplace interesting.

3.  Make monster feet.

4.  Head to a beach, river bank or even a parking lot and hunt for agates, fossils, shells or other goodies.

5.  Find beauty someplace simple, like this dad did with his two daughters when they photographed sidewalk cracks.

6.  Find a lake, stream or puddle and a pile of rocks and let your little one throw rocks to his heart’s content.  Sure, it sounds pretty simple to us grown ups, but this is magical stuff indeed to your average small child.  🙂

7.  Play a game outside someplace fun — in a tree, on a big rock, in a tent, on a blanket in the park, in the back yard after dark or some such.

8.  Combine science and art by making sunscreen paintings.

9.  Go to a gourmet restaurant off-hours and split a decadent appetizer or dessert.

10.  Head outside to someplace beautiful together.

And now, I’m off to find an iron for an art project.  Yes, that’s about the only action my iron sees!

Have a magical week!


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I’m terribly sorry to be gone so long!  It’s our local school’s back to school week, so it is our not-back-to-school week here at home.  We’ve been adventuring of one sort or another all week (hence the camel!  we met him at the zoo!) and we are leaving now to meet some friends for a camping adventure.

Here are some fabulous things elsewhere to make up for my slacker ways this week!

  • I love the looks of these flower headbands that are made with satin circles, hot glue and a lighter!
  • I can’t wait to gather up lots of scrap fabrics and try making these woven fabric hot pads/decorations with the kids. 
  • Got bored kids?  Here’s 50 ways to play.
  • Speaking of play, here’s a good reminder of how we as parents need to not get in the way of it and accidentally stifle creativity.
  • Here’s stories that children can listen to online, courtesy of the BBC.

And now, I’m off to frantically pack a van full of camping equipment and forget half of what we  need.  It’s my way.  😉

Kiss your kiddos, count your blessings and sneak yourself some chocolate.  See you soon!


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Good Things, Bad Things

Life can run hot and cold when you’re a seven-year-old boy.  Here’s a sampling of the good and bad through Jack’s eyes lately.

Good things…

Rescued kittens

Extra large hammocks

Being brave

Silly hats

Picnics with friends

Bad things…

Good friends moving away

Waiting out warnings in the tornado shelter

Being eaten by sharks

(art by Jack)

Here’s hoping your week is more good than bad!

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Victoria loves to take pictures.  Alex does not always love to pose for them.  When he is in the mood for the papparazzi, he tends to act completely goofy.

Here’s a few pictures my oldest took of my youngest recently.  They make me smile.  🙂

Happy Wednesday!


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