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I’ve been feeling rather blue lately.  I’m taking the night off and will be back tomorrow with the tally of the children’s favorite books.  If your kiddos haven’t voted, you can still sneak over and cast your votes until then.  Lots of people voted for more than one favorite, so if you only chose one but wished to add more go ahead and add them.  I figure I’ll just give double the weight to whatever was listed first, since I can’t bear not to list every book children love.  🙂


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Blizzard Fun?

We went out of town to visit my hubby’s parents and celebrate my birthday, and then got trapped by a winter storm.  There are jackknifed semi trucks, closed roads and no travel is recommended.  Lucky for us, we’re at a great motel that gave us a drastically discounted rate.  We’re down the street from thrift stores and even got to go to the mall with some friends who live nearby.  Grandma and Grandpa brought the Christmas presents they’ve been holding onto since we couldn’t come up for Christmas, so we have books and toys and all sorts of fun stuff.  I’m having a lovely extended birthday!  See you soon!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Sorry I didn’t post 10 ways to make the day magical today.
I was up till 3 a.m. with my hubby and girls and played hooky!
I figured the 100 ways to enjoy winter would do for a bit instead!

I’m off to the wilds of Mankato for a couple of days.
It’s my birthday and we’re finally going to celebrate Christmas
with the grandparents while we’re at it.

Please do all sorts of magical things with your kiddos in my honor
and then post them here.

Okay, at least one?!

…And eat chocolate and be fabulous to yourselves and your kiddos
all day
as a birthday present to me.

Happy Tuesday!  See you in a few days!


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Your Assignment….

… Should you choose to accept it,
is to do one or more of the following:

1. Cancel something you didn’t really want to do.

2. Crawl in bed with your kiddo(s) and read a pile of wonderful books together.

3. Make something tasty together.

4. Occupy the kids long enough to buy yourself time to soak in the bath.

5. Wear jingle bells on your ankles.

6. Call someone who makes you feel happy.

7. Buy yourself a Christmas present. Open it right away.

8. Give a hundred hugs today.

9. Leave a comment that will help cheer me up. 🙂

10. Do something today that you’ll remember 10 years from now
with a smile.

Extra credit if you do more than one!
Extra, extra credit if you tell me about them!

Happy Wednesday!


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Random Thoughts

I probably won’t be around for a few days.
We’re heading to the big city (for us)
to see family for Thanksgiving.
We even get to stay in a hotel with a pool.
That’s a big deal for my kiddos.

Today we had a wonderful day
with fabulous friends
at a science museum.
The kids were in heaven.
I wish we lived closer to places like that
but we sure appreciate it when we do get to go.

We even got to lie on a bed of nails
as part of a science show.
Anna went first and rocked it.
I went second, even though I thought I was fairly convincing
that no, I really didn’t want to, thanks!

You know what?
It really does sort of hurt when you lie on a bed of nails.
Don’t let them fool you.
Especially at one’s heavier parts (I won’t mention which parts)
and the nails are sharp!

Jack had the most priceless quote of the day:

"It’s very much painful and a little bit relaxing."

When the man asked if he wanted to get off
he said no
and later asked to do it again.

There ya go.

For me, once was enough.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be thankful you don’t have to lie on a bed of nails!


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