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Fun With Sheep!

Two year-old Alex is very into Shaun the Sheep lately, and all of us love him (and the whole Wallace and Grommit series) too.  Daryl has found some neat sheep-related stuff online to keep him happy and I thought you might like it too!

We have…..

Make your own sheep music

Shaun the Sheep bleatbox….

And click on the related links there for Shaun crafts and clips and more.

Sounds like a baaaaaaall!  😉


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Free Printable Model Motorcycles, Macaws & More

Yamaha has the most amazing models available free for download!  You can find everything from motorcycles to Japanese animals that you can print on heavy paper, cut out and assemble with the kids.  Some of these are really intricate and amazing.  These would be great fun for motorcycle loving daddies (or mamas!) to put together with the kiddos.

The site also gives lots of information about the animals and other models.

Cool stuff!


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Make Your Own Fireworks Show!

This page from Crayola is great fun for kids of any age.  Design your own fireworks show with a variety of different colors and shapes of rockets.  You can plan where they each go and then click to start the show.  Fun!


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A Puzzle for Big Kids (and Moms and Dads!)

I’ve been doing this puzzle of Northern Africa and Middle East countries for a couple of days now when I have a spare minute and want to unwind online.  I was rather shocked at how little I knew about the geography of those regions!  Eek!  I didn’t even know a couple of them were countries!  🙂  I’m pleased to say that I now pretty much have it down pat where Turkey and Turkmenistan are in relation to each other, and where almost every other country that ends in "stan" goes (and there are a lot!).  How well can you do?

Happy Friday!


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This, that and the other

Cooking for vegetarians or kids with allergies? 
Here are some sites with recipes to make sure nobody is deprived of goodies!

Vegan holiday cookie recipes
(vegetarian with no eggs or dairy)
allrecipe.com’s gluten free recipes

I love this wine wrap made from the sleeve of a recycled sweater!
I even think I could handle the sewing part.
It makes me wish I gave wine to people as presents.  😉

And if you have boys, you might relate to this.
(Thanks Claire)

For some reason all of my formatting is disappearing
and running my lines together
but I have a sick little guy, so I’m off to snuggle him.
Happy Saturday!

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A Snow Day and Six Good Links

We were snowed in today.
Schools were canceled, the roads were empty.
It was wonderful.
I like getting buried in snow at least once every year
(and then it can all go away!).

We made cookies and watched "Rocky and Bullwinkle"
and mostly lazed around.
I’m hoping to do more of it tomorrow
along with a few "gottas"
(gotta do laundry, gotta clean the dining room,
gotta get a package together, gotta finish making 8 million holiday cards…).
But I’m still gonna eat cookies and lounge around.
It’s the season!

I recommend you lounge around too
but if you want to play online
here’s some fun links of this, that and the other…

1. One Golden Apple’s fairy ornaments are unbelievably cute.
I love using feathers for wings. 🙂

2. My messy house is protecting my kids from heart disease.
"Our research suggests that ultra-clean, ultra-hygienic environments early in life may contribute to higher levels of inflammation as an adult, which in turn increases risks for a wide range of diseases," including cardiovascular disease, Thomas McDade, lead author of the study, said.
See the article

3. Several friends have recommended this free software lately.
Kids can make stick figures and animate them to tell fun stories.

4. I love browsing this blog!
Every tasty project looks good enough to frame.

5. Here’s the recipes and articles Daryl has put up so far
on Cooking With Kids.
The banana bread is now a staple around here for snacks
and it’s much lower fat than most.
Daryl lets the kids mash the bananas with their (clean) hands.
They love it.

6. Lastly, I wrote up some
parenting secrets for peaceful holidays
because I’m all about peaceful holidays.

Happy Thursday!!!!!!

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Cooking with Kids!

Just had to pop in to recommend this fabulous new column
Cooking with Kids
that features tips for making cooking fun with kids
and will have recipes for all sorts of neat foods to make with your kiddos.

Of course, I’m a little biased
since my hubby is the author
and my kiddos are the models and helpers!

Here’s the first article.
Brilliant, huh?

You can subscribe to get notifications via email of new articles.
Daryl is planning on posting about three times a week,
some fun tips and some fun recipes
(sometimes with themes like from the "Little House" books).

Next up — quick and easy popovers.
We gobble them up and they are almost as easy as opening a can.

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