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Pondering Perfection

I am always torn when I see blog entries like this one.

On the one hand, they look so lovely and fun and I think they’re full of creativity andgreat ideas.  I want to pass them on as whimsical inspiration.

On the other, they always seem so perfect and elaborate!  I am just not the sort of mama to have these beautiful handmade toys to spread out on the gorgeous blanket topped with the lovely fresh-from-the-garden lunch with organic edible flowers in the ice water and then take the time to make the handmade, catalog-ready newspaper bunting to go across it. 

Then I think I’m a slacker for having our thrown-together mayhem that will never look like something to showcase on One Pretty Thing

Then I wonder how much the kids really appreciate it and how much is Mom going to hours of work to keep the illusion of a perfect life for her blog community.  (In this case, Mom assured us that her kids were in "loving and wonderful moods" with each other all afternoon.  So much for that!)

I worry sometimes that I come across as too perfect from that side of the monitor.  Those who know me would laugh hysterically at this point, incidentally!  I try to be sure to mention the good days with the bad, include a bit of the messy imperfections in the photos, and work in various trials and tribulations of daily life around here.  My goal here isn’t to airbrush out the bad moments or create an idealized image of parenthood but to offer a little humor, support, encouragement, fun, and occasional inspirational sap for anybody who’d like to come hang out here. 

So when I find these pages (and the net seems bursting with them), should I pass them on?

Do other mothers see this and go do it in their backyards, or do they also think "That looks darling but ours would never look that good and the baby would tear it down and the kids would still fight and leave it after 15 minutes and then I’d just resent the whole lot of them."?  🙂

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for making blanket forts in the back yard and having picnics.  It’s just that mine would be sheets strung on the clotheslines and it would take 5 minutes to construct.  And then maybe I’d chase the kids like an idiot around the back yard and sneak off for a while to check email.

I am always torn.  Inspirational or depressing?   What do you think?


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Sometimes friends are such good examples!  Earlier this week, Magical Mama Tiffany discovered that her son had gotten into a bleach spray bottle and had ruined some clothes that were in the bathroom.

Her solution?

Make them into these awesome bleach tie-dye duds.

Maddening things are going to happen to us all sometimes, but how great to choose to react with creativity and turn that sort of trial into something good.  What a great example to set for her kids (and other mamas).  🙂

Happy Sunday, all!

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A Smile to Start Your Day

Have you seen the video of 47 year-old Susan Boyle trying out for "Britain’s Got Talent" yet?  Oh my goodness, what a sweet lady and what a fantastic surprise.  Ms. Boyle says she’s never been married and never been kissed, and here she is going for her dream in front of thousands oflaughing naysayers (including Simon Cowel!).  Victoria and I could not stop smiling when she started to sing.  It’s never too late to go for your dreams! 


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A Few Good Quotes

I’m quite sick but an advantage of having 9 years’ worth of rambling is that I can always go snitch something from a newsletter if I want to post quickly and go crawl off to bed.  Here’s a little something in that spirit!

A few good quotes about parenting….

"You should study not only that you become a mother when your child is born,
but also that you become a child."

— Dogen

"Don’t throw away your friendship with your teenager
over behavior that has no great moral significance.
There will be plenty of real issues that require you to stand like a rock.
Save your big guns for those crucial confrontations."

— Dr. James C. Dobson

"Parents are often so busy with the physical rearing of children
that they miss the glory of parenthood,
just as the grandeur of the trees
is lost when raking leaves."

— Marcelene Cox

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