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Free Freakin Lists! :)

I love these freebies to print out from Vale Design!  What fun!  Not only are they gorgeous but they’re just a bit snarky.  🙂   There’s the Pain in the GROCERIES List, and the Freakin NEVER ENDING To Do List and The Dreamy BLOG TOPICS TO POST List.  Be sure to check out the rest of the blog too, for all sorts of neat things.

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Quotes from a Boy of Six

I love the things that come out of Jack’s mouth sometimes!  Here is a sampling of things he has said (out of the blue!) over the last couple of days….

"Good news, Mom, I think I’m all over my case of Mad Man’s Disease.  Wanna know what Mad Man’s Disease is?  That’s when I get really mad and I act mean.  But it seems to be all over!"

"You know what I love most about you, Mom?  The way you help me.  Like if I fall down, you reach out your hand and help me up.  You’re always helping me, Mom."

"Hey Mom, how about if every time I say something stupid I hit myself in the head?"

The last one in particular really cracks me up!  I told him no, for the record!  🙂

Happy Friday!

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Not a Single Groan?

I can’t believe I didn’t get a single boo out of yesterday’s post title. 

I felt a little sheepish being so silly, but apparently nobody was paying attention.

Come on, folks, that was pretty baaaad!

Harumph.  😉



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A Close Knit Group

We passed this sweet group of sheep friends on our way out of town the other day.  They were huddled so close together they were a solid sheep mass!  It was a sunny, warm day so we weren’t sure why they were so close, but at the end of the day they were just as close in another part of their pasture.

Stick together, folks.  It can be a big, baaad world out there.  😉


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What to do if Your Child has Superpowers

"You may have heard that it could happen at any time. One moment your child might be playing with a toy truck and the next moment he or she is levitating a few feet above the ground. Or your baby might suddenly transform into an ice sculpture. Or – and I have heard this worry expressed by more than one parent – your child might become orange and rock-like, even though he was nowhere near any cosmic rays…"

Magical Mama Claire shared this tongue in cheek article that made me giggle.

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