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A Minor Medical Emergency

Sorry folks, no fun blog post tonight!  I will give you this word of warning though.  If your kids all have diagnosed ear infections and sinus infections and you’ve been feeling really run down and miserable yourself and you have amoxycillin leftover from when you had that sinus infection last month…. do not even think about self-diagnosing and taking it!

I just got back from the emergency room after breaking out with a beet red, burning, itching, painful, maddening head-to-toe (starting at the head!) rash.  Within 15 minutes of taking the pill, my face and chest looked like I had a blistering sunburn.  The nurses in the ER actually thought I was burned.

One hour, three shots and a whole lot of icy wet towels later, they let me go home with some medication and instructions to never again take a penicillin family drug.

Wow!  That was really, really unpleasant!  🙂

According to this site, I have discovered "the poor man’s mono test" and that anybody with mono who takes a med like amoxycillin will develop this rash.  Some seem to have a harder time with it than others, but most of these poor folks had it for days or weeks.  I can’t imagine having it for more than a minute.  It burns!

In any case, I have pills to take and am heading to my own doctor in the morning.  I’ll be back with something fun for you tomorrow!



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More Health Benefits Found for Breastfeeding (For Mom!)

We all know the health benefit of breastfeeding for babies by now and it’s pretty well known that it also lowers the chances of breast cancer for mom.  A new study of nearly 140,000 women found more health benefits for moms who breastfeed, though.

Women who have breast-fed, it says, are at lower risk than mothers who have not for developing high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease decades later, when they are in menopause.  The benefits increase with duration of past breast-feeding, the study found.

Women who had breast-fed for more than a year in their lifetimes were almost 10 percent less likely than those who had never breast-fed to have had a heart attack or a stroke in their postmenopausal years. They were also less likely to have diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

The study found that there were health benefits for women who breastfed for as little as a month.

Women who reported more than a year of breast-feeding were:

  • 20 percent less likely to have diabetes,
  • 12 percent less likely to have hypertension,
  • 19 percent less likely to have high cholesterol and
  • 9 percent less likely to have had a heart attack or a stroke

by the time they entered the study. 

Experts are still weighing in about what causes the differences.  Whatever the reason, it’s good to know.

Next time someone gives you grief for "still" nursing your little one you can say you’re improving your health.  Or a steely glare works too.  Whichever you like!  😉 


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