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10 Things That Make Me Happy

I have a lot to feel happy about right now.  I’m happy to be back to blogging and yapping with you lovely people!  I’m also happy that Victoria is doing so much better right now.  She’s recovered from the latest surgery very well and the pain has been much more manageable during the recovery.  Lovely people from all over have sent heartwarming little cards, letters, craft projects and pick-me-ups.  The rest of us are finally over our various illnesses and it really seems the clouds have lifted.  Victoria will have another round of tests in 3 months to check on the cancer but we’re optimistic, and we’re doing what we can to keep her super healthy in the meantime.

Here’s a few other things that are making me happy lately…

  1. Baby feet. 
  2. Siblings who still like to play together.  
  3.  New herb gardens even though I didn’t get a chance to plant a veggie garden (yet) this year. 
  4. Puppy kisses. 
  5. Glamour photo shoots in the back yard. 
  6. My bulletproof roses
  7. Kombucha mother shared from a friend so we can start a new round of flavored concoctions. 
  8. Kids who love nature and photography. 
  9. New parks and places to explore together.        
  10. You.  Thanks for all of the comments, well wishes, prayers and encouragement this month.  It really means a lot, and every bit was appreciated.

I’m hoping to be back in the swing of things soon. 

Now, who’s up for some fabulous messy fun?  I hear international Play in the Mud Day is coming soon……  😉



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I Love…

  • Kid-painted $1 bird houses
  • Carousels
  • Antique croquet sets
  • Tree houses
  • Summer science experiments
  • Outdoor museums
  • Kids gardening
  • Roses blooming for the first time of the season
  • Wooden playlands
  • Brotherly love
  • Doing art outside
  • Fresh lettuce from the garden
  • Good friends
  • Wacky glasses

Oh yes, and belly kisses!

photo by Victoria Bayer

It’s National Get Outdoor Day today (Saturday) so if you’re in the states, head out with your kiddos.  There’s all sorts of free opportunities at state parks and more.

Happy Weekend!


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I Love…

Good friends…

Signs of spring…


Foolishness   😉

Dress up…

Deep thoughts…

Plants from friends across the country…


What’s making you smile lately?

Happy Wednesday!


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Happiness Is….

… Having allowance to spend and visiting a store like this.

Being two and being allowed inside!

… Making your own fabulous jewelry.

… Pumpkin carriages in handmade houses.

… Cooking with Daddy.

… Helping decorate the tree.

We’re back from our trip to see family. We had a wonderful time.
I’ll start sharing handmade holiday ideas tomorrow
(especially simple ones).
No matter which holiday you celebrate,
let the magic begin.

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125 Happy Things

My kids and I like to take part in Unplug Your kids challenges and we’ve missed them lately.  I was busy being miserably sick all last week but I saw today that the theme was happy and I thought that seemed too good of a theme to pass up!  So I’ve gathered my gang and asked them all to compile a list of things that make them happy.

Here’s 125 ways to be happy, a few from each of us….

From Victoria (age 10)

  1. Sledding
  2. Ice skating
  3. Skateboarding
  4. Playing on the computer
  5. Bike riding
  6. Riding a scooter
  7. Making jewelry
  8. Reading funny books
  9. Climbing trees
  10. Hanging upside down
  11. Hanging right side up too
  12. Playing soccer
  13. Playing baseball in the yard
  14. Playing football (at least what we think is football) in the yard
  15. Swimming
  16. Going to the ocean
  17. Being with friends
  18. Volunteering at the animal shelter
  19. Laughing
  20. Dessert
  21. Programming on Scratch
  22. Dogs
  23. Doing crafts
  24. Running
  25. Jumping
From Anna (9)…
  1. Painting
  2. Building snowmen
  3. Doing art
  4. Shopping
  5. Catching tadpoles
  6. Playing in the mud
  7. Using mom’s computer
  8. Playing Webkinz
  9. Choosing earrings
  10. Designing clothes
  11. Chewing bubble gum
  12. Playing with beads
  13. Playing with Barbies
  14. Playing with Littlest Pet Shop
  15. Reading Encyclopedia Brown
  16. Collecting bottle caps
  17. Playing with friends
  18. Snuggling with Mama
  19. Chatting with Dad
  20. Gmail
  21. Painting my nails
  22. Doing makeup
  23. Singing and dancing
  24. Songwriting
  25. Taking pictures

By Jack (age 5)….

  1. Getting presents
  2. Drinking tea with Mom
  3. Doing good deeds
  4. Playing mini golf
  5. Building with blocks
  6. Doing crafts with Mom
  7. Making necklaces
  8. Play on the swingset
  9. Playing with marbles
  10. Walking on a balance beam
  11. Using silly putty
  12. Cooking
  13. Growing flowers
  14. Going on walks
  15. Collecting nature
  16. Playing video games with friends
  17. Holding rats
  18. Bird watching
  19. Reading picture books
  20. Playing at the park
  21. Using little people at Grandma & Grandpa’s
  22. Eating macaroni and cheese
  23. Doing flipsy-doodles (flipping upside down holding Daddy)
  24. Sitting on Mama’s lap
  25. Flint knapping

I’ll answer for Alex (22 months)…

  1. Dancing
  2. Blowing bubbles
  3. Hammering things
  4. Playing "find the phone"
  5. Making music
  6. Climbing
  7. Doing whatever his big brother and sisters are doing
  8. Playing hide and seek
  9. Eating snow
  10. Throwing balls
  11. Watching toddler videos on you-tube
  12. Nursing
  13. Drinking with a straw
  14. Looking at picture books with Mom or Dad
  15. Getting tickled
  16. Tickling
  17. Cuddling with Mama
  18. Singing made up songs
  19. Jumping while Victoria swings him
  20. Riding on toy cars
  21. Drawing
  22. Doing the "ladies go to market" ride with Victoria
  23. Going down slides
  24. Taking baths
  25. Getting kisses to make owies better

And from me…
Things that make me happy to do with my kids….

  1. Getting/giving pedicures 
  2. Reading really fun read-alouds
  3. Exploring new places
  4. Beach combing
  5. Doing altered books
  6. Learning new things together
  7. Road trips
  8. Playing in the sprinkler
  9. Puddle stomping
  10. Gardening
  11. Going to the zoo
  12. Making home videos
  13. Going to small town museums
  14. Having picnics
  15. Running in the rain
  16. Whistling with blades of grass
  17. Going on neighborhood treasure hunts
  18. Bringing treats to neighbors
  19. Playing whiffle ball with friends
  20. Hiking
  21. Feeding apples to the elk and bison in Redwood Falls
  22. Watching them act in community theater
  23. Having wacky fun like eating dessert without our hands
  24. Learning new things from them
  25. Hugs and kisses, all I want   🙂


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