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Firefly Magic

Here’s a great educational activity to do with groups of kids, especially at night.  Have each child bring a flashlight.  Explain to the kids that fireflies use their lights to communicate with each other, and that they look for the other fireflies who are flashing the same patterns.  Give each child a pattern to flash with his or her flashlight, and have them try to find the person with the matching code.

And for a fun firefly craft, check out this wonderful lantern you can make to go along with “The Very Lonely Firefly” over at The Long Thread!

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Firefly Magic

I liked the nighttime background so much from yesterday’s list of ways to make the night magical that I thought I’d keep up the theme with a bit more after dark fun. 

What mention of nighttime magic would be complete without fireflies???  🙂

For more than a little firefly magic, head on over to Firefly.org.  Check out the wonderful pictures like this one, find out how to catch them and how to help them, certify your back yard as a wildlife habitat and lots more.

If you want to continue the theme, this librarians’ PDF handout has all sorts of firefly ideas, from book suggestions to crafts to games.

And here’s a sweet little poem and coloring page for kids to read and color.

And now, I’d love to post more but I (ahem) really must be glowing….   😉

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