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Yarn Eggs!

Here’s a craft we first tried when my girls were tiny and I plan to try again this week.¬† These fun eggs make wonderful springtime decorations.

Grown-up help is required and they are a little more work than they might appear and can be more than a bit messy. They’re great fun though!

You’ll need:

  • balloons
  • different colors of yarn or embroidery floss
  • glue
  • large paintbrush

1. Blow up the balloon and tie a length of yarn to the top to hang it while you work on it.

2. Mix the glue with some water to make a thinner glue. Use the paintbrush to cover the whole balloon with glue.

3. Wrap the yarn around the balloon, either by winding it around in closely spaced rows from top to bottom or by doing random loops over and over it.

4. Paint some more glue on top of the yarn and then wrap another length of yarn around again. Repeat until the balloon is mostly covered with thread. (Ours were loosely covered and very delicate when finished. You might want to cover yours more.) Be sure there aren’t big gaps anywhere (especially at the top or bottom).

5. Hang the balloon to dry overnight. When dry, pop the balloon and gently pull it out. It’ll probably slowly deflate and the kids can have fun peeling it off the inside of the yarn egg.

6. Either hang the finished eggs from the ceiling or use as a table decoration or put in a giant bowl. These are really colorful and fun when they’re finished.

*** Note: You can also use liquid starch instead of glue.

*** Alternate directions:
Dip the yarn in watery glue and then wrap.
Use plain string (lots) and then paint and sprinkle with glitter when dry.

Happy Thursday!


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