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Balloon Day!

Looking for something fun to do today?  Here’s 10 ways to have fun with a balloon or two!

1.  Run a length of crepe paper, garland or even toilet paper across the room and play volleyball.

2.  Give each child a balloon to blow up and let go.  Have races to see which ones shoot higher or zoom faster.

3.  Make balloon volcanos.

4.  Write easy chores on slips of paper and slip them into balloons.  Blow them up and tie them off, and then fill more balloons with an equal number of fun treats.  Let kids pop the balloons and perform the jobs inside — bad or good — and keep going as long as they choose.

5.  Work as a team to see how long you can bop a balloon and keep it from touching the floor.

6.  Use a balloon for the mold for a papier mache jack-o-lantern.

7.  Entertain little ones by blowing up balloons, pinching the ends and releasing the air to make silly noises.  This will make every adult in earshot crazy, but very small people will laugh and laugh.

8.  Make balloon fidgets.  These are wonderful to sit and squeeze when you have the wiggles!  They’re also fun to just toss and catch!

9.  Make balloon paddles and have the kids try to keep the balloons from touching the floor.

10.  Make chocolate balloon cups.  And then invite me over.  😉

(Do make sure to be extra careful with little ones around balloons. 
I think that goes without saying, right?)

Happy Wednesday!


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