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Easy, Sturdy (Free) Building Blocks!

Here’s a little project that we’ve been doing for years.

These fun blocks are so easy!

I was planning on making a set of building blocks for Fiona for Christmas, but she kept trying to manhandle the presents under the tree so I decided to make her a set of “presents” of her own. 

It worked like a charm!

Here’s all you do:

  1. Save your cartons of drinks like almond milk and orange juice.  You’ll need two cartons for each block.
  2. Cut off the top.  Rinse and dry.
  3. Fit one carton into another (open ends facing each other), so that the block is closed on all sides.  This also makes it very sturdy, since it’s basically doubled up.
  4. Wrap with wrapping paper or cover with contact paper.  If you use paper, you can seal it with clear contact paper.  You can also tape on family pictures, magazine pages or other fun images before sealing with contact paper.

That’s it!  You can change them whenever you like by simply wrapping them with a new wrapping paper or covering with another layer of paper and contact paper. 

When my bigger kids were little, I made a “marble” set with marble contact paper so it looked like they were building stone buildings. 

You can also use little individual milk cartons (like school lunch size) to make alphabet blocks.  🙂


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Because You’re Never Too Young to Boogie

Need a smile?  I love this baby!  🙂

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Kids and Language Skills

According to this interesting article, we may be concentrating on the wrong things when we try to improve our babies’ and toddlers’ vocabularies.  Scientists found that it wasn’t actually TV that lowered their vocabularies or even how often parents talked to children.

It was how often they talked with them. 

It’s the interaction, the listening back, that made the difference for these tots, ages 2 to 24 months.  Language skills, speech and vocabulary went up the more the tots were talked with.

Of course, improved language skills or not, everybody likes to be listened to.  🙂


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