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Weekend Assignment!

I am without internet access for a while until we get router issues worked out.  I hope to be back soon but in the meantime here’s a weekend assignment for anybody who wants to join in.  🙂

Please do at least one of the following.  Extra credit for doing lots!

If you have small children…

  • Lie on the floor and say dramatically, "oh no, I’m on the floor, I hope nobody climbs on me and tickles me!".  Allow yourself to be climbed, tickled and bounced upon unmercifully.
  • Play a rigorous round of "I’m going to get you" and playfully chase your little one(s) around.  
  • Do a messy craft together.  
  • Put some ketchup on end side of a ziplock bag and mustard in the other.  Seal well and let your little one smoosh it, mix it and "write" in it (smooth it flat on a surface and then draw with your finger through the bag).
  • Give your child at least 20 kisses, 10 hugs and 15 "I love you’s" by the end of the day.
  • Give each child a piggyback ride.
  • Focus on being particularly loving, silly and empathetic today.

If you have big children…

  • Play a game together
  • Watch a fun family movie together
  • Take your child out for a one-on-one dessert date and just sit and visit
  • Act like a goofball for no reason at random moments, just to be silly.  Older kids don’t get nearly enough silliness sometimes.
  • Go for a walk, hike or bike ride together.
  • Surprise the kids with a sweet treat, just because.
  • Give them hugs and tell them how much you love them.
  • Focus on being particularly loving, silly and empathetic today.

And for yourself…

  • Take breaks for just plain fun stuff.
  • Laugh as much as possible.
  • Treat yourself in little ways.
  • Nicely ask other people to do 3 things you’d have to do otherwise.

Have a good weekend!  Make it magical!

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