Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!

I hope everything is fabulous in your little corner of the world.  I have a little girl on my lap as I type this so I’m going to try to be quick.

Here’s a few ways to make some memories with your favorite little (or big) people this week!

1.  Find a really old cookbook and make a meal fit for an old fashioned family.  Some of the intriguing recipes we’ve found include Porridge, Lone Ranger Sandwiches, Creamed Chicken in Potato Nests and Jumbo Prunes with Cream.  Some sound more tempting than others!

2.  Have a Project Runway challenge.  Let the kids pick out several yards of clearance fabric in glamorous, funky and fun patterns. Help them make their own scarves, doll clothes, dress up clothes, throw pillows or whatever they dream up. Iron on fusible tape instead of sewing seams, if you like (you do this part for younger kids, obviously), or teach them how to use a sewing machine. If you’re short on money you can let them use old clothes or sheets. 

3.  Set up a carnival in the back yard (or even in the basement or living room).  Make up your own games using whatever you have on hand — hula hoops, a kiddie pool, stuffed animals, cardboard boxes, you name it.  Invite some friends or neighbors to come join you if you like.

4.  Make painted soap clouds Microwave a half a bar of Ivory soap and then use liquid watercolors or watered down food coloring to make it beautiful colors.

5.  Have a silly word day.  Pick an ordinary word to be the silly word of the day, and anybody who accidentally says that word during the day has to do something silly.  For instance, if the silly word of the day is “car” and you forget and say it, you might cluck like a chicken or yodel. 

6.  Put birthday candles in dinner or dessert and let your little one blow them out again and again.

7.  Find a new-to-you park to explore together.

8.  Have the kids dress up and pose for old fashioned pictures.  You can use free editing software and apps to give them a proper old-time look!

9.  Or print out these fun printable disguises from Design House Digital and use them as props for a wacky photo shoot.  🙂  Add fun hats, ties and other clothes to add to the look!

10. Have a balloon day.


And with that, I’m off to throw on some more presentable clothes for a volunteer appreciation picnic and toss any number of small and medium sized children into the car.

Have a magical week!




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