10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  Here’s a few ways to make a little magic with your kiddos this week….

1.  Make a paper hideaway.  Hang strips of crepe paper (or toilet paper in a pinch) from the ceiling in a corner of the kids’ room or the living room.

2.  Head to a pet store.  Spend some time with the fishes, birdies and beasties.

3.  Have the kids draw with markers or crayons just using their feet.  It may help to tape down the paper on the floor.

4.  Learn a song together and videotape yourselves singing it.  Be as flamboyant as possible!  Send the clip to loved ones and spread some smiles.

5.  Head outside to do a photo shoot.  Put the kids in charge of choosing how and where to pose!

6.  Make some of these lovely glue suncatchers. These ones are from tales from a corner house.

7.  Make jeweled princess bracelets. Crafts by Amanda shows you how to use cardboard tubes, felt, craft glue and some baubles in this child-friendly craft.

8. Leave silly notes in hiding places all over the house. It may take months for somebody to stumble on all of them, but it’s a wonderful way to break up an ordinary day to suddenly stumble on a note that says “Mama loves you” or “Kisses!  You must come give your grandma 18 kisses immediately upon finding this!”.

9.  Assemble a feast for the birds and beasties outside.  Leave it where you can watch them nibble. Ears of dried corn, peanuts in the shell, berries, seeds and sliced fruit are all favorites.

10. Got Friday off?  Spend the day together at  home.  Watch movies, pop popcorn, bake treats, make crafts, whatever.  Start the holiday season doing something you love with people you love.

Now I’m off to get started on approximately one hundred and five things on my to-do list.  And drink tea.  Lots of English tea with too much almond milk and sugar. 

Have a wonderful week!!!!!


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6 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. I still remember the first time I stumbled on your Magical Childhood site (pre-blogosphere!) when I just had a toddler and a baby. You wrote about cleaning the floor of your living room with a rake… and inspired me to cover our living room with butcher paper, and have the toddler fingerpaint with his feet… which shortly thereafter turned into fingerpainting with his bum.

    I think we just might paint or draw with your feet today. xoxo

  2. Great post – you always have such amazing ideas! (And hey, “bum painting” would be blast, too!)

  3. ditsyhaze

    Thank you for the list, sometimes, just taking the time to ‘be’ and appreciate the children gets lost in day to day life. I hope to use some of your ideas to spend some time having fun in the moment with my cheeky two 🙂

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