10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Fiona at 5 months ~ Photo by Toria Bayer

Happy Monday!

Here’s a few ways to make some memories with your kiddos this week…

1.  Celebrate Pi Day with the kids on Wednesday (3-14).  Here’s some fun ways to celebrate this math-themed holiday (including the directions to the paper plate jumping game below).  Here’s a few pictures of ways we’ve celebrated in previous years.


And here’s a cute way to remember Pi to 7 places:

How I wish I could calculate Pi…

3.141592 (the number of letters in each word corresponds to that number)

2. Get out paint pens or permanent markers and let your child decorate an old pair of shoes or rain boots.

3. Start a “Mom and me” (or Dad or Grandma and me!) scrapbook. Find or make a blank book. Do some pages every week together about the two of you. For instance, write notes to each other (be sure to date them!) or find a picture of yourself at your child’s age and make side by side pages comparing yourselves. At age 8, what were each of your favorite books, hobbies, colors, friends, wishes?

4. Head outside and make bunches of magic wands or altered sticks.  Just find sticks and peel, carve, paint and/or otherwise personalize them until they feel right. 


5. Send or deliver a box full of balloons to a child you love.  Fill each balloon with a little love note, joke, dollar or other treat.  She’s Crafty came up with the idea to send her nephew 20 $1 bills in balloons for his birthday, but I also think it would be great fun with other things besides just cash, and to do it “just because” for a child (or two or three!) who could use a fun surprise.

6. Find a park you’ve never been to and go play together.  Bring friends, if possible!

7. Find something junky in the house and let your child alter it. One of the advantages of having old, unloveable furniture or belongings is that you have nothing to lose with this sort of project!  Let kiddos use paint pens on the old wooden chair in the basement or permanent markers on the inside of a beat up dresser (make sure it doesn’t come off on clothes though!). I once took a gold paint pen to a really boring computer monitor and covered it with swirls and polka dots. You can even designate an old T-shirt for altering.

8. Leave some leprechaun prints all around the house!  Tutus and Tantrums used a Barbie shoe and washable paint to leave these fun little prints!

9. Have the kids put on oversized t-shirts and stuff pillows inside so they can sumo wrestle.  🙂 Thanks to a reader at All for the Boys for the fun idea!

10. Hide a dozen little notes that say “Mama loves you” in unexpected places.  And perhaps a couple that say things like, “Watch out for the chicken behind you” and random gibberish.  I find that a little ridiculous silliness on Mama’s part keeps kids on their toes!  😉

And with that, my pretties, I’m off to look for that really big ream of newspaper end paper that I stashed away just for a dreary day like today. 

Have a magical week!




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3 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. I must be a kind of shoe fetichist 😉 because I really love the ideas to paint the kid’s rain boots and to print Barbie’s foot steps all over the house. That’s awsome ! Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Greetings from Bordeaux / France.

  2. Thank you for adding me into your list! Great post 🙂

  3. Great ideas today! I really like #5, and we’ve got a birthday coming up this week so I might just have to borrow that one! 🙂 That itty bitty baby sure is growing up…and so adorable, too!

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