10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Tuesday!

My deepest apologies for being so lackadaisical about posting lately!  Having five children of such varying ages does keep me busy!  It’s (mostly!) the best kind of busy though!  🙂

Here’s a few ways to add a little magic to your adventures this week…

1.  Do some Pinterest-inspired art together.  I have a Pinterest board just of drawing and altered book ideas, and Annalee and I scrolled through it and tried out lots of the ideas together the other night.  It was a fun way to learn some new doodling techniques and we sat and chatted as we drew.

2.  Head to a thrift store and splurge on a prom dress or bridesmaid’s dress for dress up.  They’re $7 each at a store near us, and it’s the most magical way I know to make a certain couple of girls happy…








3.  Got snow?  Make some targets for snowball target practice, like Playful Learning did!  No snow?  Get creative with balls, water balloons or even mud balls!  🙂

4.  Give each other fancy pedicures.  These teal and black polka dotted beauties are courtesy of 8 year-old Jack.  

(Side note: Every week for my prenatal visit with Fiona, my doctor would look to see what kind of a pedicure I had for that visit, since my kids were so fond of giving me crazy paint jobs and they always made her smile.)

5.  Start hosting a Saturday night movie night with friends.  Don’t forget the munchies!

"As you wish...."

6.  Do some melted crayon art.  Line a warming tray or electric griddle with tinfoil and then place a sheet of paper on it.  Let kids draw on the paper with crayons, pressing down and drawing slowly so the crayons will melt into vibrant, waxy pools as they draw.  You can use mittens to help protect little ones from getting burned, but close supervision and cautions about the heat are the best protection.  We turn the heat to around 200 for little ones and 250 for older kids (and more satisfying results). 

No griddle?  Use a couple of cookie sheets warmed in the oven and just rotate them as they cool off.

7.  Let the kids do something crazy with their hair.  Go for temporary colorful hair spray, glitter or even go all out like our brave friend Jessie (with Jack and Fiona) and her even braver mum Tiffany, who’s shaving her hair off to raise money for cancer research (you can donate here to help!).

Here’s Tiffany before with her beautiful hair (and my beautiful babe).  At least it grows back quickly, huh?!  🙂

8.  Bake a cake together and let your child decorate it, either for his/her birthday or just because!

9.  Make a bird seed work of art in the front yard.  Head to Family Fun for more details.

10.  Decorate some rocks with lovely little painted hearts like Color Me Katie and leave them around the world to brighten people’s days!

And with that, I’m off to tackle 87 things on my to-do list and chase small children with noisy kisses. 

Have a magical week!




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6 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. i love these! especially the prom dress one!

  2. i really adored many of these! can’t wait to get out and do a tibetan sand painting, bird seed style, w/my ‘kids’!

  3. Awesome! I do so believe in the magic! And what’s so cool is most magical moments don’t really cost a lot of money!

  4. Awesome! I do believe in magic! And what is so cool is most magical moments don’t costs a lot of money!

  5. Km

    I am always inspired to do something new and magical when I visit you!!! Crayon art is definately next on on our list!!!! I love all the baby shots…. Too precious for words!! Such a sweet and MAGICAL time for all!

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