10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Friday!  I’m so out of order and behind in posts that I thought it would be fun to do a Friday list of ways to make a little magic.

Here’s ten ways to make some fun memories this week….

1.  Do some eyebombing!  You’ve heard of yarnbombing and seedbombing, well now there’s eyebombing!  Head into the world with your kiddos and some wiggly eyes and see what inanimate objects you can add some whimsy to.  Just looking at their gallery is sure to bring a smile!

2.  Write up a list of 50 reasons you love your child and slip it somewhere to be found later. 

3.  Bake a cake from scratch together and then decorate it outlandishly.

4. Got snow?  Do something wacky with it like fill the yard with tiny snowmen like these from Urban Debris.

No snow?  Make your own!

5.  Start a new tradition of setting the table with a theme once a week.  Years ago, I worked as a banquet server at a Marriott resort and we frequently set up rooms with decorating themes.  Some of the common table themes were beach (bright colored napkins, sea shells, leis, etc.) and hoedown (red and white checkered napkins, old fashioned lanterns, silverware in a weathered wood box…).  We also used mirrors, flowers and lots of creative props to just make the tables look opulent.  Add some fancy napkin folds and dinner is transformed!

6. Print out a bunch of wacky mustaches (PDF file) and do all different fun things with them.

7.  Grab a pair of beat up shoes and all sorts of fun crafty materials like spray paint, fake jewels, glitter, modge podge, stickers, anything and make some fabulous new pretties!

8.  Make some sandwich art in the style of famous artists.

9.  Give the kids an assortment of things to take apart.  Broken toys, old radios and other household items become fascinating experiments when kids are armed with simple tools like screwdrivers and allowed to see how they work.  Just be sure to avoid computer monitors, TVs and smoke detectors because of serious risks and be sure they’re not plugged in.  See this article for safety precautions and how to do this on a larger scale.

10.  Play family Minute To Win It.  Here’s some fun ideas to try and here are some more.  Make your own up, too!

This week, my two oldest girls are off on adventures.  Victoria is in New York City as a mother’s helper for a friend, and Anna is in Minneapolis with some wonderful family friends.  It’s fun having “just” the three youngest kids and seeing how our days are different. 

I’m planning on taking Jack and Fiona down to Nebraska to visit with our fabulous friend Tiffany and family tomorrow, too, so Daryl and Alex will be on their own for a few days. 

It will be great having our assorted adventures, but I’m also looking forward to being all together again!  I’m acutely aware of how few years are left before some of my chickadees are flying the nest, and I want to make the most of these days together.  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. will def try eyebombing!

  2. Km

    Maybe do one and six together… Bomb with flair! Heheheeh. I love the google eyes idea! I hope you all have fun on your adventures!!,

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