10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately.  Something about the 5th child has me a little stretched thin these days!  I’m getting back into my groove though and am loving all the things that are keeping me busy.  🙂

Here’s some ways to find a little magic this week…

1.  String cranberries, popcorn and other edible goodies on trees outside for the birds and squirrels.  Be sure to put them near a window where you all can watch them being enjoyed!

2.  Got any mismatched mittens?  Make some little snowfolks You can use odds and ends if you don’t have all of the supplies (a little rubber ball could become the head, for instance).

3.  Make billions of paper snowflakes and decorate the house with them!

4.  Get out the sleeping bags and sleep under the Christmas tree with the kids.

5.  Have an inside snowball fight!  Crumple up oodles of paper from the recycling bin and give each player a laundry basket full.  Find some good launching spots (behind the couch, behind a table…) and commence flinging! 

6.  Make an Angry Bird style challenge.  Stack up anything light (paper cups, egg cartons, cardboard blocks…) in all different shapes and then make a simple catapult to launch soft objects at it.  We used egg cartons that we had stockpiled for a friend with chickens, along with a big serving spoon propped over a small can for a launcher.  The kids put soft balls in the spoon, pounded on the other end, and watched the ball fly at the target!  They made all sorts of elaborate towers to crash down and had such fun!

7.  Turn a big box into a playhouse.  Check out this one from Life as a Thrifter.  She even mounted a dollar store mirror inside!

8.  Deliver cookies or homemade candies to your local fire fighters, police station or other community helpers.

9.  Compliment each other, balloon style!  Pick someone in the room to focus on and toss a balloon up in the air.  Everybody else has to keep bopping the balloon up and keep it from hitting the ground.  You can’t bop it without calling out something fabulous about your subject though!  Think quick! See how long you can keep it up (and how many wonderful things people can think up about each other!).

10.  Have some Mr. Blue fun, like Color Me Katie.  🙂

Have a magical week!  Don’t forget to take care of you!





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3 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Some great ideas for some indoor fun! Just discovered your blog through Pinterest. Happy Holidays J.

  2. katherine marie

    i’m so excited to try an INDOOR SNOWBALL fight… my kids will have crazyfun! Your little number five is JUST PRECIOUS!!!!

  3. tcherryni

    An Indoor Snowball Fight – what a great idea!! Thanks!

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