Painted Soap Clouds

Painted soap clouds (A Magical Childhood)

Remember when I recommended microwaving a half a bar of Ivory soap as a way to make the day magical a couple of months ago? 

We took it a step farther and had the most fun! 

We microwaved the soap for about 30 seconds (set your microwave for about a minute and just stop it when the soap stops expanding) and watched it puff up.

Then I gave the kids muffin tins filled with colored water (we used water and food coloring but you could also use liquid watercolors) and eyedroppers. 

They had so much fun! 

I highly recommend it!


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9 responses to “Painted Soap Clouds

  1. So much fun! I love this project… it is just perfect for a cold winter day! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited to try this with my kids! They’re going to lose their minds 🙂
    I tried your suggestions of making colored ice cubes in muffin tin and letting the kids bring them in the bath – LOVE! They were so sad when we ran out. I’ll have to do that again too.

  3. We had so much fun with this! Watching the soap bloom is almost as much fun as painting it. The squishy mess afterwards is pretty good too!

  4. Patricia Stepanek

    Can you actually use the soap afterwards? I wonder if you could mash it into muffin tins or cookie cutters to make shaped soaps??

  5. theresa

    Had an art class in college; we put paper down after the paint ( though if i remember we used shaving cream instead) and made marbled paper. Just be gentle about laying it on top and taking it off. Then let it dry and use for whatever you want.

  6. Oooo how colorful and fun!!

  7. jill

    Tried it but not what I expected. It fell apart really easy.

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