10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Tuesday!

We’re less than 6 days away from meeting our little one and I’m feeling awfully tired these days.  So today’s list of ways to make the day magical is courtesy of Pinterest!  🙂

These are all crafts and activities that I’ve pinned to my boards lately.  Click on the photos to visit the sites…

1.  Marshmallow shooters/pom pom poppers

2.  Power drills and pumpkins (eek! love the idea but with CLOSE supervision!)  🙂

3.  Angry birds in the back yard

4.  Cave of stars via cardboard box and Christmas lights

5.  Lawn Jenga

6.  Homemade cough drops and cough drop lollipops (honey based)

7.  Wand tutorial (we made these and loved it!)

8.  Scratch-off pumpkins (black spray paint, then scratch your design)

9.  Teacher Tom’s fabulous, kid-friendly version of crayon melting art

10. Quick epsom salt geode egg shells

Hopefully I’ll get a post or two in before our new babe arrives, but otherwise I’ll be sure to arrange for some pictures to be posted ASAP when we meet her.

Have a magical week!



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6 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. I can’t wait to try Angry Birds in the backyard. That’s hysterical! Feel good and good luck!

  2. Doesn’t that look fun???!!!!! 🙂 And thanks!

  3. Great ideas! We will do the egg geodes tomorrow. 🙂 Good luck on your upcoming “meeting”…can’t wait to meet her!

  4. Thanks for the great ideas! I wanna make that marshmallow shooter!
    Blessings for a quick and safe delivery! Savor every moment!

  5. We made those wands some time ago.

    My 24 year old daughter has been living on her own for a couple of years now and just this last week, my 20 year old daughter moved out with her in a new to both of them apartment.

    When I went to visit their new apartment, there, hanging on the hall wall … their two wands! LOL!

    They are ready and accessible for any magical dueling.

    Love it!

  6. barefootnmama

    oh my goodness……your space is full of so much creativity and joy! I am really glad I stumbled onto your blog today:) Barefoot Mama

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