Good Signs

I love a good sign.  I keep wanting to paint up some fun ones around the house with the kids.  Being this pregnant with this many things I really ought to be doing more than making signs, I haven’t quite gotten to it yet. 

Somehow before the baby comes, I really want to make a sign or two around the house, though.

Here’s my current three favorites (click on the images to go to the original sources)…

I think I’ll invite the kids to help me think up some original signs of our own too.

Though judging by the time of night I’m writing this, perhaps I ought to start with one that says “Go to sleep.”  🙂 

Have a happy Friday!




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3 responses to “Good Signs

  1. i really love the 2nd one. read it twice & both times it made me smile 🙂 you were absolutely spot on to categorize this post under “happy stuff.” thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for sharing my sister’s welcome wall! she did such a great job, didn’t she?!

    Things With Wings

  3. Amber

    My husband and I made a treehouse for the kids this summer and we had some remnants laying around that just begged for some signage to be painted on them. So, I unleashed the kids to make whatever sign they wanted. My 4 year old made some rather Jackson pollocky type art, but my 6 year old drew 2 unicorns and had me paint the words, “Beware of bad unicorns.” At the time, I was a bit reluctant, but now, I find the sign beguiling and rather funny. Signs rock.

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