Childhood Doesn’t Wait

Here’s a sweet poem with some important reminders for all of us…

Childhood Doesn’t Wait
(Author Unknown)

I was sitting on a bench
while in a nearby mall,
When I noticed a young mother
with two children who were small.

The youngest one was whining,
“Pick me up,” I heard him beg
but the mother’s face grew angry
as the child clung to her leg.

“Don’t hang on to me,” she shouted
as she pushed his hands away,
I wish I’d had the courage
to go up to her and say…

“The time will come too quickly
when those little arms that tug,
Won’t ask for you to hold them
or won’t freely give a hug.

“The day will sneak up subtly
just as it did with me,
When you can’t recall the last time
that your child sat on your knee.

“Like those sacred, pre-dawn feedings
when we cherished time alone
Our babies grow and leave behind
those special times we’ve known.

“So when your child comes to you
with a book that you can share,
Or asks that you would tuck him in
and help him say his prayer…

“When he comes to sit and chat
or would like to take a walk,
Before you answer that you can’t
`cause there’s no time to talk”
Remember what all parents learn
so many times too late,
That years go by too quickly
and that childhood doesn’t wait.

“Take every opportunity,
if one should slip away
Reach hard to get it back again,
don’t wait another day.”
I watched that mother walk away
her children followed near,
I hope she’ll pick them up
before her chances disappear.



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16 responses to “Childhood Doesn’t Wait

  1. sarah y

    This may sound really corny, but I think this post was an answer to a prayer. I, too, have two young ones (2 and 8 mos) and I can totally relate to the frazzled mom in the poem. Must remember: childhood doesn’t wait. Thank you for the post!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I needed to read this today.

  3. Amy

    Nice reminder, one we probably all need from time to time. Thanks for posting!

  4. esra

    It is a great poem. Thanks for sharing!

  5. valentina

    Sadly, this mother’s behavior will continue and have permanent, devastating and lasting negative, effects on the child’s self esteeme and ability to bond in the future. I suffered with this kind of a mother. Fortunately, i made it my mission that i would NEVER be like my parents, i got mental health assistance with coping with such a childhood. I am happy to report that my children are AWSOME, successful, and know that they are PRECIOUS to me. And now i have grandchildren to show my everlasting love to. Pick those babies up, let them know they are special, wanted, greatly loved, and important to you. Put your job, social events, THE COMPUTER AND TV, manicured lawn and decorated immaculate home to the back burner, spend your time, money, energy, and love on your KIDS, please, or you will hurt their hearts forever.

  6. Sandy

    In the last reply, when I read ….put ‘the computer and TV’ on the back burner…’ I jumped up from the computer and played with my 5.5 yr old. Laughs and smiles and connecting.

    Gentle reminders are good. Thank you.

  7. katherine marie

    🙂 so much beauty in the moments… if we just embrace them!! I love your photograph… it is stunning!!!!

  8. This post was shared in a facebook group for moms, and I almost didn’t click it because just the title pricked my heart. Mine are turning 6 and 3 this month, and so much of their babyhood and childhood is OVER! My daughter is almost too big to carry, and my son is Mr. Independence. When I get busy I still catch myself nudging them away, justifying it by telling myself I’m teaching them boundaries. But when I read things like this it reminds me that God has no boundaries in his love for us. He will always carry us when we ask, and we are to do that for our children.

    • Angie

      That’s beautiful Bethany! xxoo Mine are 5, 3 & 6 months. In my experience children are so forgiving that it doesn’t matter how old they are we can start doing better anyway & it will still do them a lot of wonderful good.

  9. I wish every mama was required to read this!

  10. Echo

    As I sit on my bed at 11pm and read this on a blackberry that I neglect most of the day as I am to busy with the kids (ages 3 and 4 months) in the day most of the time to read it. I want to run in their rooms and hug them for the 100th time today. This poem brought tears to my eyes as it is easy to get angry and frustrated with our kids (I am guilty of the occasional yelling) but it is just as easy to ensure that there are always hugs, kisses and open ears for our kids. As we are their teachers and first friends. Thanks for this reminder. Remember that the hugs, laughs and kisses make all the job worth it; for them and for us.

  11. beautiful! tear 😉 thank you for sharing.

  12. Pat

    I am a 63 year old mam of four beautiful girls, all grown up and moved away and I can honestly say that poem is SO true, take time all you mums out thereto take your kids for a walk in the cold, look at the stuff in the bushes, you might just see something beautiful, draw with sticks in the mud, you just have to spend time with your children and thank God every day for them. They are very precious and sometimes you don’t realise until it is too late and they are gone. I am glad to say that mine were all taken for walks, to the beach to race the waves and loads of things that didn’t cost anything but me and them and their dad, of course.

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