On the Banks of Plum Creek (Once More)

Long time readers probably know by now that my family lives near Walnut Grove of “Little House” fame and that my girls have acted in a local outdoor play (The Wilder Pageant) about the Ingalls family’s time in our area since they were little.

Anna started acting in the pageant when she was four years old!

And some of you may remember the drama around Victoria and her “crazy hat” last year (she’s wearing another crazy hat this year, much to the dismay of that same girl!).

The girls are now in their 7th year in the pageant, Daddy is in his sixth, and this year marks Jack’s first year in it.

Last night was opening night, so Alex and I headed out with Grandma and Grandpa to see the show.

Here’s a few pics of my wonderful actors and the show.  🙂

(Apologies for the terrible quality of the photos!  I was using Victoria’s fancy camera and I really only know how to point and shoot!)

Back stage

Before the show

Jack got a little distracted by seeing me and the audience (over a thousand!) at first but then got into the swing of things

The Ingalls Family arrives

Reverend Alden (my hubby) leads a prayer

Jack was just too quick in the potato sack race for me to capture him!

Victoria and Daddy (I mean Reverend Alden) help erect the church

Jack (in back) prepares to roll some hoops during the church raising

Trying to burn out the grasshoppers during the plague (thousands of oyster crackers are blown into the air as grasshoppers!)

Those rotten Oleson kids 😉

The reverend says a few words in the Christmas scene (Jack is on the far right, the girls are hidden from view)

The exciting fire scene!

In the second half, my hubby plays the mayor (at the first city meeting of Walnut Grove)

I wish I knew how to use Victoria's camera! Anna did Irish step dancing and was in the middle of the front (in blue)

Victoria (in green with the hat) dances with Laura during the town social

Jack dancing

Anna dancing (in blue)

Jack hanging out with the other boys during the adult dance

Jack and Anna stand with their families at the end, as Laura tells what became of each family (the Olesons moved to California and Willie was blinded playing with firecrackers)

Taking a bow

My actors on stage afterwards

And being silly...

Jack, Alex and a pageant buddy

Signing autogaphs and meeting the audience

It was a great start to the new season.  🙂


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9 responses to “On the Banks of Plum Creek (Once More)

  1. Pat Larsen

    How cool is that??? I love your pictures and I am so proud of you!:)!

  2. Nice! I just finished reading this book with my little girl.

  3. Neat! I grew up near a place the Ingalls Family lived too and they did a pageant called Long Way Home every summer. Unfortunately around 10 years ago the set burned and they couldn’t get the funding to rebuild, but a number of people I went to college with did the pageant every year growing up, and had great memories of it. It looks like your family is building those kinds of memories as well.

  4. Kez

    You’ll all be in it before too long 🙂

    Love Victoria’s hat – the girl has class!

  5. I am a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. My dream is to visit each of the places she wrote about including Malone, NY. I’ve driven by the house her daughter rented in San Francisco many times.

    I have dreamed of seeing the Pageant! It’s so cool your kids are a part of it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful! What a great experience for all of you to share!

  7. Cheryl

    That looks like a super fun time for everyone! I hope to visit when we read the books with the girls.

  8. Amy

    So awesome! I have always wanted to see that play! I’m glad you are able to be a part of it. 🙂

  9. Now THAT looks magical!

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