Yarn Bombing!

Dollar Store Crafts just blogged about the neatest project I’ve heard in a while!  Did you know that International Yarn Bombing Day is coming up on June 11?

Me neither!

I’ve seen photos of a few trees and lamp posts that have been adorned with crocheted and knitted artwork, but apparently there’s a whole movement for this creative outdoor adornment.

Here’s some fun photos from Streetcolor’s Blog.

Here’s some fabulous ones from the Yarnbombing Flickr group.

And here’s some helpful and inspirational links from Dollar Store Crafts.

Of course, if you didn’t have the gumption to yarnbomb a public space, you could also do it on a tree in your own front yard for a similarly sweet sight.

I wonder if we can all learn to knit or crochet by June….



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9 responses to “Yarn Bombing!

  1. Those are beautiful! We have a lot of yarnbombing in our neck of the woods and we spent a great afternoon walking around finding them all.


    Thanks for posting your photos – the trees are gorgeous!


    • Oh how neat, Tricia! I loved the pics. I left a comment but I’m not sure it was saved Blogger blogs seem to eat my comments much of the time. Perhaps because I’m a WP blog? 🙂

      Adorable children, too!

  2. Arg, that’s so frustrating! If anybody out there has a Blogger blog and leaves comments here, I have probably tried to comment there but couldn’t. Blogger only seems to like fellow Blogger people. Or perhaps it’s just me! 🙂

  3. katherine marie

    I’ve never heard of it!!! What a fantastic idea!!! on the blogger comment thing— ii’s weird— I’m not “on” blogger, but I’ve always been able to leave you comments… many other sites I can NOT leave comments! so glad yours works so I can tell you HOW WONDERFUL you are! :):)xoxoxoxo

  4. www.theevolvinghomemaker.com

    I think I have heard of this before, and am certain I would be not brazen enough to do it myself in a public setting…but maybe our mailbox or lightpost can get a decoration that day!


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  6. Alycia

    I’ve only seen this online 😦 but I love it! I think my children and I might have to bring this trend to town.

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