Who Knew Packing Tape Could Be So Magical?

I love the blog Playscapes.  It delivers all sorts of whimsical play ideas to my inbox from around the world.

Last week, our family got to discover a playscape ourselves.

This fantastic play area at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.

It’s made entirely of packing tape!  Ten miles of it!

The kids tossed off their shoes and happily bounced, ran, slid, explored and played in it.

If I hadn’t been battling quite so much morning sickness that day, I totally would have joined them.

The TapeScape has its own Facebook page and you can read about its creation here.

What fun!

Now I’m daydreaming about what we could do with some PVC pipes and packing tape in the backyard…..  😉



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4 responses to “Who Knew Packing Tape Could Be So Magical?

  1. Amy

    I am not sure that I’ve seen anything as cool as that. Who knew packing tape was so cool? Now its right up there with bubble wrap. Very, very cool!

  2. That is very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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