Art Dolls!

I am currently quite under the weather, thanks to the roughly walnut-sized being in my mid-section who (according to my nifty week-by-week pregnancy app) last week celebrated the milestone of losing his or her tail.

Since morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness is generally regarded as a very good sign, I’m quite happy to feel so miserable.

Just the same, I’m less than productive these days.  And oh my goodness, is that an understatement!

So I’m swiping this craft from the Magical Childhood web site, where I posted it several years ago.

We have made many more art dolls since this post and it’s continued to be a fabulous way to get creative and to use up art supplies and odds and ends from the recycling bins.

I’m thinking I need to get out a big box of supplies and set things up for a new batch tomorrow, as a matter of fact…


Art Dolls

I learned about art dolls recently and decided to try making some with the kids today. I gathered a bunch of materials and showed them some Flickr pictures of a lot of different styles and them let them loose. They loved making them!

Our ground rules were

  • There were no rules on what the dolls looked like–people, animals, no arms, 8 arms, anything goes.
  • They could use any broken objects they could find, items they owned, or craft items that I put in the big bowl for the project. Otherwise they had to ask permission before using stuff.
  • They had to finish one doll before making another.

There were basically no rules, though, which was part of the fun. 🙂

Here are some pictures of a few of the finished creations…

Jack (who is morally opposed to looking normal in a photograph):
Jack's Doll

Anna's Doll

And Victoria with two of hers:
Victoria's Doll

Victoria's Doll

They had so much fun and are still creating!

Happy Friday!


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5 responses to “Art Dolls!

  1. Hopefully it wont turn into all pregnancy sickness for you and will dissapear soon.Tigerlily had me sick for 20 weeks then 10 at the end…but she is such a placid child and easy going…so thats a good thing.Hugs

  2. katherine marie

    I am so glad you are feeling “sick” in that sickness always made me feel like things were GOING well with baby-making!! Hope you are able to get in lots of rest and relaxation. Their ART DOLLS are magnificent!

  3. The dolls look fun, hope you cope alright with the sickness I was like that through all four of mine. Just remember the blessing at the end is so worth it.

  4. Rebecca M

    Oh, congratulations on the pregnancy! We will keep you and the little one in our prayers!!!

  5. simone

    oh, awesome! thanks for a great idea for something to do with the neighborhood kids! (i’ve been trying to find no cost and/or low cost projects to do over this summer with about 6 to 12 neighborhood kids and this is one even my wild little ones can join in with).

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