10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  Here’s some ways to add some magic to life this week…

1. Make a giant hammock swing out of a big towel, blanket or sheet.  Have two adults hold it, one on each end, and swing your kiddos in the middle.  Only one adult available?  Pull them around on the kitchen floor on it!

2.  Dry winter skin?  Let your little ones paint each other (or Mom!) with paintbrushes and lotion.  Backs and legs make great canvases!  When they’re done, rub it in and start over!

3.  If you’re in a cold climate, escape winter by going to an indoor butterfly house or arboretum.

4.  Use all different colors of eyeliners and lipliners to draw fantasy-like designs on your child’s face.  Yours too if you’re brave!

5.  Go to the grocery store and pick out produce to eat this week to use the seeds for planting.  Start the seeds in egg cartons and transplant them into indoor pots or the garden later in the spring.  Do keep in mind that the grocery store produce is chosen for its shelf life, looks and durability more than its taste, so be sure to get some real seed packets for your garden too!

6.  Make these adorable pine cone gnomes and felt heart pins from Garden Mama.

7.  Hold a Ten Thing Party.  Invite friends to each bring ten things they no longer want that would make someone else happy (nice outgrown clothes, toys, board games, sports equipment…).  Lay out all the things on a big table and have people take turns picking something new to take home.  Donate anything left over to charity.

8.  Take “punny” pictures.  Have your kids act out puns or sayings and email them to loved ones.

Anna always has such a chip on her shoulder! 😉

9. Mod podge some fabric heart rocks for Valentines Day like Artful Parent’s.  Aren’t they gorgeous????  What a fun way to use cute fabric scraps!

10.  This last one comes courtesy of The Greenest Dollar:

Have an Indoor Campout

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, why not have an indoor campout? Set up a tent, drag all the plants into the living room, and start a fire. Turn out the lights. You can roast weenies, make S’Mores, and tell ghost stories.

She even found this fantastic video to provide background noises!  These owls are amazing.  Wow!

Have a wonderful week!

Kiss your kiddos, count your blessings, and sneak yourself some chocolate!



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6 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Great ideas, Alicia. I love the 10 thing party.

  2. Sounds like you’re feeling more yourself!
    Ooooh, the campin sounds fun. As always, great ideas.

  3. I’ve done the indoor camping thing – with college students! Lol! We have a wood stove and use it as our main source of heat in the winter, so we set up the tent in the living room, got out the sleeping bags, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and…okay, we cheated. We watched a movie. Lol! But it was still fun, and I even have the pictures. Great way to liven up a dark and dreary February weekend.

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